Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Playing with the pool players at the Silvercrest

Yesterday was a long session as we started before 9 and played through until lunchtime at 11:30. I planned to stay for lunch as the meal served there for $2 contained food I can eat. I also found out I could buy bus tickets over there for $1 a piece which is way better than buying them at the terminal for $1.85. Today they are having a bake sale over there I plan to attend before playing pool.
The guys let me into the group pretty well. I was a little concerned about that. John's lady came in who does not play poor but she is cool with a woman playing with John, who loves pool with a great passion. She does not play, but boy is she a sharp dresser. She had the most gorgeous outfit on yesterday, a beige pants suit. I love her attitude toward clothes. She wears clothes she likes every day if she wants to. She has always done that.
Besides John, I played with two players who live in the Westward Ho, Al and Nate, I have known a long time. Jimmy was a new outside player. LeRoy, the master, pictured in the photo did not come. He must have had something else to do. He is such a challenge I love playing with him, but the others were all I could handle. I need to get some practice before I could expect to play a respectable game wih LeRoy.
Yesterday Doc called me up to see if I had the Sunday paper! I did not, but actually he wanted to tell me that the night he called all night he had gotten into a physical altercation with another resident. I consider this as much his fault as the younger guy's as Doc asks him to drink with him, supplies him with alcohol, which he cannot handle. He has too bad of temper. So then Doc gets drunk and goads him a little and the other guy has now taken to attacking him right in his own apartment. The police told him the last time he called them over this not to drink with this guy, period.
I soon cut Doc off and said I no longer wanted to hear any details of his drinking troubles, so the conversation was very short. When I came back from the Silvercrest Doc was playing the piano in the Concho room, but he sounded very rusty since he has not played seriously for eons. But I cannot concern myself with what he does. I am not going to make any videos for a while. Since I own part of the camera I will eventually try to see if I can make one up here and then upload it down there. If that doesn't work I might have to save for a camera of my own if I want to make any more videos. They are a lot of fun, so I might do just that in time. I could easily have my son Dan help me upload the software to to edit on my computer.
Well, I am off to the bake sale and more pool. I went out to the patio, but it was so hot and muggy this morning, I was driven in doors. Yesterday before I went to play pool I chatted with the woman who had taken exception to me coming out there and talking. She apparently decided to be friends, which was a relief. She is intelligent and talks well, so she could actually be a boon to my life if we can get past the first hurdles to friendship. A lot of residents have trouble accepting that the patio and other places are common grounds and being rude to other residents who come to them does not work. You have to be polite to all and can't make anyone feel unwelcome just because they are interfering with a conversation with a more fascinating resident. They may want to get in on the fun, too.
I have worked in the tenant organizations enough that I want to see lonely residents come out and join in the fun. Ways can always be found to have private conversations, just not in common areas. But we always have trouble with people taking exception to people they consider inferior to themselves or something having their say. It's probably like that all over the world.


Amrita said...

I am glad you are goingto Silvercrest, stepping out and making friends and playing pool which you like. Way to go.

Don 't worry too much about the camera, you can get another one.Find a good friendly positive enviroment for yourself.

Southern Gal said...

Hi Geri,

I'm glad your visiting about. I think the time your investing in others beside Doc is a good idea. He is narrow minded, allowing yourself to meet others will expand all areas of your life. Hang in there.. Hugs...

madcobug said...

I am glad that you are getting out and doing things. It is much better on you to do that than spending as much time visiting with Doc and him drinking. I used to love to play pool but I haven't in a long time. It would be hard to bend over and do that now with this back. Getting out on the patio and joining in with the crowd is a good idea. Glad that the neighbor is accepting you better. Hugs, Helen

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings Gerry....

Sounds like you had a ball. Great you are getting out and having fun. I cannot play pool well at all.

I'd say you are on the right track with doc, he is happy being where he is and would love company. I am glad you have realized that you deserve more and doing something about it, Fantastic Job Gerry. That is what Self-love is, doing what is best for you, what honors and elevate you.

As for the camer well, its only a thing. Sure it hurts a little, this too shall pass.

Have a wonderful day Gerry hope to see you on your walk through bloggerville.



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