Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The doggie days of summer with photos of my new granddog, Raymond's Baby

My grand niece Kate sent me photos of Baby and her dog McKye playing together in Boulder and having a lot of fun. Kate has a blog for family and friends chronicling her life with her baby Kelton with lots of great photos of a darling subject.
I have gotten in the habit of going out early mornings on the patio, the time when dog owners are generally giving their dogs their early morning walk. This morning the renovaters were pouring the red cement walkway around the swimming pool, so a brigade of young muscular guys with wheelbarrows full of red concrete mix greeted me. They were working so hard wheeling their loads in from outside the gate and sweating so profusely I began to feel quite lazy. I hardly knew there was so much to this renovating of the pool until I started watching its progress every day. It is the most popular thing right now for residents to view. We haven't had this much building activity around here since the renovation of the tower where I live a few years ago. After that, we had the renovation of the elevators. You can count on somebody building something every day which always signals to me a busy bunch of people, and as long as some workers can keep on working all is well.
As for Baby, isn't she adorable with those big ears? The first photo I posted a while back did not show them.
Don't know what I am going to do today. I just play it by ear. I am afraid of intruding everywhere in people's regular activities after having been out of circulation so long breakfasting with Doc, talking and making videos. I have not heard from Doc anymore which is good. Shows he is adjusting to my absence okay. I had gotten so aggravated I don't really miss him either. It was time.
Maybe I will go play some pool this morning, maybe not. I think I will at least go and check to see if anyone is playing as this morning a bus was coming to take people out to breakfast somewhere, a regular activity they do each month. I purchased seven bus tickets, each for $1 yesterday so I am set to ride the bus for a while. I went to the grocery store yesterday and the thrift store which had unexpectedly changed hands since I was there last. My favorite clerk who has been working to Unique for years is gone. The Unique is now the Salvation Army thrift store, but I got a schedule and see they have some good sales, so I will be all right! I got two silk sleeveless blouses yesterday in beautiful colors of gold and burnt orange to go with my long full skirts. I don't wear anything else in the hottest month of the year here, August.
So I hope you get a lift from seeing this photo of Baby and his pal playing so exuberently. I did.


Amrita said...

Oh I love them. They are so cute

Sugar said...

awww adorable!

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Great picture of dogs and green grass. I threw in my camera and didn't think of taking pictures once...

Paula said...

Both doggies are cuties. Will the pool be open in time for you to enjoy it this summer? Probably not. Wish I had close access to one.


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