Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Strange dream--what does it mean?

I dreamed I had a new boyfriend who was tall and looked foreign. I thought a woman came up to us in the crowd that it seemed like I knew from years back. She was slim and very stylish, but she had something red on her face, like rouge only way too much of it. I introduced her to my new boyfriend and all of a sudden this 'nice' woman attacked him! She said so many mean things to him so fast that I was completely taken by surprise. I was trying to get my wits about me to defend him when he ran off into the crowd. I ran down the street calling after him but for the moment he seemed completely gone. I wondered if I would ever be able to find him again.
I had this dream a couple of nights ago and am still wondering what it means. I do think however if he really was my boyfriend we would be able to find each other again once he had gotten over being upset over what the woman said to him. I couldn't figure out why she talked to him that way since she did not seem to really know him. But do we ever know each other?
I think this is a warning dream. I don't think it has happened yet. I think I am being given time to try to prevent this woman from having such a devastating effect on my new boyfriend.
The wars among the old about love can get every bit as savage as among the young. I have been battling another woman I do not know at all who has taken a marked dislike to me, I guess because I am spending more time out with people down to the patio than I have done before. I have naturally had to find some place interesting to go to since leaving Doc. I think she was also in the dream but not predominately, she was just another one I was having trouble with in my new role as a free spirit! Ha. I think this woman was also fighting with me over my new boyfriend in my dream.
I figured out that this boyfriend who seemed foreign in the dream had his counterpart in a tall dark resident here I have felt attracted to. But I have gotten no further with him than hello. I like seeing him here, hoping to talk to him sometime, so I hope something or someone doesn't run him off forever. I am being very cautious about hooking up to anyone for now and some time in the future. I think that is a mistake after a break up with someone you have been spending a lot of time with. I have to give myself time to adjust.
So I am not a threat to anybody right now, no more than I have been all along. Doc was never able to engage my romantic feelings so I retained my attraction to another guy in here I met 6 years ago. Those feelings have just kind of simmered along all these years with Doc. I finally decided that it was crazy not to have these feelings for Doc and put up with his drinking, so I decided to get out of that relationship. The other man has moved on, has a girlfriend, and seems pretty happy, but I did feel such a surge of feeling for him again after I left Doc I wondered if he was really as happy and engaged as he seems. However he seems still 'foreign' to me, as we never went together. I don't think he ever even touched me. The attraction stayed in the mind. Although such attractions can be very powerful they still do not have the reality of actual relationships.
Perhaps it is he who is in for some sort of savage blow from this girlfriend as was suggested in the dream. I hope not. For he seems quite fragile and does not give his heart easily. I am sure events will transpire that will explain the meaning of the dream, so I thought I would write it down here so I can refer to it later.

Go and see my sister Ann's marvelous photo of a 'royal bull elk' in her blog KanyonlandKing, taken near King's Pasture on the mountain. That pasture always meant so much to us as a family and I have never seen the mountain terrain looking more green and beautiful as in her photo. My sister Linda also wrote another blog entry in her Vooman's Voice blog explaining what a hard time she is having to find stuff, even her blog so she can write on it. The terrain is rough in blogland until you get used to it. But her best friend Jeannie from Phoenix who is very computer wise has found her blog and is now a follower and commenter. That should encourage Linda to think it is possible to tame the Internet blogworld and get it to do what you want instead of it frustrating you all the time.
My emotions have been in such a turmoil I have not been able to read too many blogs yet. If I see signs of trauma I go and check friends out, but am still in recovery!


kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

And I missed the 'great' picture.
I am ready to learn how to bring the small picture down near the blog, for reference.
Interesting dream..some maybe that can ward off the mean women??
Let us know what you think!

sober white women said...

The other night I had a dream that I was stripping for a 65 year old man! I usually don't remember my dreams! LOL

madcobug said...

Let us know how that dream turns out. I went to see you sister's elk which was beautiful. Helen

Paula said...

Hope your dream comes true about the new man but not the mean woman. I usually don't dream much but lately I have been and I wonder why.

Have Myelin? said...

We shall have to swap our dating stories, boy vey!

The dream- I am really bad at interpreting dreams as one really has to know the person I think?

I wonder if the "mean woman" represents something rather than a person? Food for thought...

Jeannette said...

Dreams are such strange things. I have lots of them nowadays and can never figure them out. Had some real bad ones but, fingers crossed, nothing has come of them. I love your graphic with the horses.

Connie said...

Did you know that if you are ona blog and you right click you can create a shortcut right on your own computer desktop that will take you to that blog when you click it...just a lil something I do to get to some of them quickly,LOL


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