Friday, August 28, 2009

Doc's channel is advertizing my plays

I am not going to just forget about Doc as he is still good advertizement for my plays. There are probably a lot of actors the public does not know are addicts of some sort, but we still going on liking their work and their talent. Lots of great piano players and singers.

This is the second part of the video we made about trying to change his Youtube channel name. A commenter said, "Is that a woman you are with? She is rude and disrespectful. You are better off without her. She puts you down. Just be yourself."
I went to her channel and found out she is only 14, but that does not mean she can't have strong opinions. She is one of the public who did not detect he is an alcoholic. Well, it was pretty early in the morning.
I told her," that woman hopes Doc will be himself on his channel just like you do...etc." See it on Doc's Channel. I read it to Doc all but the part where I said alcohol is his biggest problem. Good thing he doesn't read either.

And it's a good thing he can't upload yet, as he needs censoring as far as I am concerned. Look on my blog list for recent uploads. He still has TheMadDoc666 because I could not get the 666 off.

My sister Linda's poetry reading on my channel is doing very well. I will try to book her for a poetry reading everytime she comes to town!

Oh yes, once I quit watching TV all of a sudden I had energy to go on Facebook for the first time. I found friends and family over there, and I like having short chats with them. Facebook is good for a long winded person. I sometime need to be stopped from talking for the sake of my health. I think this is part mental from being silenced so many years about what I had on my mind.

Oh yes, when I went on Facebook today there was a great big photo of my son Raymond and the musicians he is playing with in Salt Gulch, site of the old John King homestead where I used to live with his dad. He lived there during his second year. It was the cutest photo. I just love it. So Facebook is definitely worth the trip. I also found my daughter, my sisters, nieces, nephews, old theater friends, and fellow bloggers. I still love my blogspot blog though. And yours.


Missie said...

Have a good weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think you'd "just forget about Doc," I thought of it as more of a sad calm in the beginning, seeing him less & less. The sensualities of life are complicated.

Connie said...

Oh I am glad ,too, that Doc doesn't read..[he is still good advertisement for my plays]]tsk tsk....well whatever keeps you two in company is fine....You gotta be one PROUD momma,..Kudos to Raymond.
Where does he get all his energy...I need I need lots,LOL
Luv ya lady...

Connie said...

Forgot to say --Love that hat Doc...lookin good!!


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