Saturday, August 15, 2009

a poem is wanting to be born

the words caressed into being
like the petals of a flower
kissed by the wind
defying eternity
beguiled once more
into purring
the message
that passion sends
to the willing heart
I did not know
I could feel so much
that it would take years
to say it
my hands singing
as I form the words
that only a poem knows how to say
the almost unspeakable
the scented essence of a flower
you can breathe in
taking your time
you cant hurry them
those poems
they must come to mind
in their own time
now do you feel
the unlocked tongue
saying what you want to hear
in the form of a poem



Anonymous said...

I have too much of the unlocked tongue...;). ~Mary said...

Lovely poem...lovely poem. Is one in the wings??

LaRena said...

The poem was very nice and sends a message to those who forget to check their feelings and find a way to express.

Amrita said...

very beautifully expressed Gerry


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