Friday, August 14, 2009

Things are coming right along

I am wearing my rainbow caftan today, which reminds me, check out Connie's Photos for some gorgeous photos of a rainbow, even a double rainbow. It seems like I never have a camera when I see a rainbow here, but rain is so rare. Connie also sent me the header, which inspired me to wear my most colorful outfit. Have you ever noticed that it takes a certain mood to wear brilliant colors? I never wear black any more as I used to when young. Now it makes me think of mourning and death.
I got a call from my dear sisters in Utah, Ann and Linda. Linda drove from San Francisco to St. George in one day, with numb hands yet! When the doctors said she didn't need surgery I guess she decided to use her impaired hands and take off, but my son Dan will drive her the 800 miles to Phoenix when she gets to Boulder. She wants to get some of her belongings she left in her house, like photographs. I hope to have her read some of her poetry for the camera while she is here. Linda said she spent the night in St. George with my other sister, Margie. She has her downstairs rented to her grandson, so Linda slept with her. Linda said Margie's breathing machine which she uses for sleep apnea made a loud noise. She wondered if it does that when Margie stops breathing. Margie did not wake up, but her little dog did. Then Linda said she started to snore and the little dog came and put his nose right into her nose and woke her up. Sounds like a smart little dog. I think he will keep Margie alive, so it's good she's got him.
Then when she got to Ann's Tom, Ann's husband, was having terrible trouble. He started to develop big water blisters on the bottom of his foot and up the leg that the doctor had to put an artifical artery in. They called his doctor and he said to come right over there. Plus on Monday Tom has to have a shot right in his eye that cost $2,000 to try to stop the leakage which is causing him not to be able to see out of it except in a blur. Plus, he can't sleep in his bed anymore due to all the spasms in his bad back and damaged nerves. He was sitting on a chair and went to sleep and fall off and gashed his head on a cabinet and had to go get that taken care of. Ann said every problem he has is getting worse. She is afraid since he is not getting his sleep he will fall asleep while driving, but he was a truckdriver by trade and he just can't stand to let her take the wheel. She is a severe diabetic but I think she is in a lot better shape than he is right now. I had to stop calling her as it irritated him too badly. I told Ann it is no wonder he is an old bear with all that going on. It is no wonder Ann can't get to her blog, KanyonlandKing to write. Or even the family web site, and she is our most faithful contributer.
I have been out to have tea in the patio this morning at 6:30am and ran into the guy from Salt Lake plus the guy who had the alcoholic meltdown a while back. He is a very good person to keep the talking going, so he and I and Kevin from Salt Lake discussed various subjects, always a great way to start the day in my opinion. Kevin is about 25 years younger than I am. He was commenting on my colorful outfit this morning. Said I did not dress like most 78 year olds he knows, must be the hippie in me!
I am waiting for the poor people's food box. If I don't eat it, I will donate it to the office for people here who run out of food. One told me on the patio she had to go ask for food because her check got lost. Then I am going to head on over to the Silvercrest to play pool, as they don't open to outsiders on the weekend. I will have to think of something else to do then. I know I will go to the Farmer's Market and get a little water melon. Good eating right now!


Cathy said...

Your pro-active life as busy as always, my fellow hippie friend. Adore that rainbow caftan, you look relaxingly regal lol. :-) Namaste

madcobug said...

I hope the ailing in your family gets better soon. You look really pretty in your rainbow outfit. Sounds like you have a pretty full day ahead. Helen

Amrita said...

Very pretty caftan


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