Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When you walk through a storm

As I came home from the Silvercrest and playing pool and eating lunch, I saw Jack stumbling along in some kind of hell I don't understand. When I got home I heard more tales about public exposure that will surely put the management at a loss to know what to do with him. If he spends much time homeless in this heat, he will surely die. No homeless shelter will even take him while he is this drunk. People don't try to save drunks like him. All too often, they sober up a little bit and insist on leaving any hospital or rehab. You do have the right to leave if you choose even if it means your death.
I do feel a lot better prepared for another meltdown than I was last time, still with alcoholic Doc. The only other man I felt any connection to in here was Jack, so I was very upset at two of them teasing death, and barely staying out of reach. Splitting with Doc I have been able to form a lot stronger bonds to some sober guys, my neighbors, and the Utah guy. The pool playing guys over to the Silvercrest are all sober, too. Now I can distance myself better. I have been talking to some of the women, too. I feel I am already to a better place.


Connie said...

Poor Jack-hoping he deceides to sober up. :-(

Amrita said...

sad to hear about Jack.....out on the one to take care of him.

Why do people try to destroy themselves like this.....they have no hope.
No belief in the purpose in this life.

No desire to clean themselves up.

Gerry you keep going in the same direction.

Do they serve vegetarian food at Silvercrest.?

I would love to learn how to play pool and also bowl.

Paula said...

I'm glad you have someone to play pool with for a good thing to pass the time. I've played pool but I'm not real good at it.


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