Saturday, August 1, 2009

Farmer's Market on Saturday always interesting

Not having heard from Doc since his night of calling without me answering, I conclude that he is accepting things pretty well. I got up early to try to get across the street before there was a long line. I purchased a few egg plants first time as I have not cooked them before. I might eventually get so interested in my cooking I will photograph the vegetables and fruit as Amrita who writes Yesu Gardens does. I bought some oregano flakes yesterday to sprinkle on some of them, mainly my green bean, potato and tomato salad made with olive oil and wine vineger dressing. Today I bought large cherry tomatoes and cucumbers like we used to grow and eat from our garden. They are smaller than the ones you buy in the stores and are also used for pickling. Except I will not be pickling! I also bought fresh corn on the cob and a fresh tomato salsa to put on cooked dishes, truly good.
I had a mishap with my container of raw honey I bought over there when I was moving and accidentally threw it in the garbage. So I had to buy another. I want to talk to the bee keepers next time I get a chance to see if the hive collapse syndrome that has been hitting bee keepers across America has hit his or her hives. Yes, the bees are in trouble again. The hope is that they can start breeding a stronger tougher bee like the Africanized ones but without their dangerous aggressiveness. What the bees do now is just go out and fail to return. Pesticides have played a part in weakening the bee but they think another virus is to blame, one that may have originated in Australia. We will be in an awful fix without bees to pollinate all the crops, so they are working over time to try to solve this latest big problem among the bees.
An old oriental lady and her lady friend were the stars of the show this morning. They barged in to the head of the line and could not be persuaded to leave the cash register. They did not understand 'go to the end of the line.' So they finally had to give up and put them through, and even then they were having to use sign language to try to tell them what they owed. But I was glad to see they had made it out to the market and valued fresh vegetables so much.
Now I am going to settle down and find new things to do with my day. I hope you are having a farmer's market kind of day, too!

Oh, good news. My sister Linda and her daughter went to hear the doctor's report on her MRI and she did not think it bad enough for surgery. It seems they get this numb hands symptom quite often but since it has gotten no worse in all the time she has been waiting, Linda is some heartened to think they are recommending physical therapy which she starts soon. I am afraid surgery would not bring about a miraculous cure, so I was glad to hear they did not consider it bad enough for that. Linda has always had good strong bones like I do, and if she was able to get some of her weight off, she might see an improvement bigger than she had hoped for. I am looking for Dr. Andrew Weil books to send her who believes in homeopathic cures not surgery, which include what is being offered to Linda. She just posted a very interesting report on the International poets festival she attended in San Francisco in her blog Vooman's Voice on my blog list. She said that she dressed in her most colorful garb. Linda likes to dress like an artist. And a poet, whatever she finds to express herself. I hope she will soon be able to figure out how to post the photos she took.
Be sure to check out my sister Ann's blog KanyonlandKing as she posted the mysterious photo she took of my sister LaRae's painting of Grandma's 'spirit house' and the light above it. See what you think. As I point out to her, some might have other explanations for such anomolies, but they were looking for a sign to the festival, almost unconsciously, and the spirits come in on natural waves with just that slightest element of surprise that convnces you they are there and giving you a sign.


Paula said...

Glad you are having a good day. Those fresh vegetables sound wonderful. Nice you live there so close.

madcobug said...

Those fresh veggies sounds delicious. Your heading picture is beautiful. I have read where they think cell phones may be getting the bees confused as to the way home with all those signals running through the air. That painting your sister did was great. Enjoy all that good eating. Helen said...

Love the sunflowers. You are making a statement! Sounds like your trip to Farmer's Market by yourself was good.

Amrita said...

The Farmers market sounds good. We have our daily vegetable market.

For the egg plant. You just slice them thinly. Heat oil in a pan and put in the slices, fry them with a little salt and pepper.They taste good like this


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