Monday, August 24, 2009

I spend the day helping Doc to create his own Youtube channel: look on my blog list

Doc could not get anyone to make a video with him for Youtube so he asked me to come back and make one with him so he would have something to put on his channel. His Channel is TheMadDoc666. I said what is that 666 for, you will get the devil worshippers. He said well, at least I will have some viewers. I told him I still want my freedom and independence, it feels good! I will embed the video in case you want to look. He called it 'there is life after death' meaning life after separation.
In the meantime I am carrying out my philosophy of talking to addicted people and people with mental problems as good medicine, vital for them and for me to make progress. I am sorry folks, drugs don't always do the job, there has to be more. I spent three hours this morning talking to EmmaJean, an alcoholic, who came back from 3 months in woman's shelter for spousal abuse because she only gets $300 a month on her social security. I did not think anyone got that little a check. So she came back to her husband as a last resort. They are still drinking but have not flipped out as they did when she left before. That was all out war. She is still wearing the scars on her face in broken teeth. Whenever EmmaJean finds time to talk, I always talk to her as long as she wants, and we were having a great conversation this morning. I love to talk to her as she was this morning, sober and charming and smart.
This is why I responded to Doc's call. I know he can't be squeezed off from communication or he will get worse.
Oh and great news I finally found a very good pool player I think I can play with here at the Westward Ho. We played about 10 games last night. I only won one but I blew three shots on the 8 ball, so I am just so rusty I did not do well. Then I had lunch over to the Silvercrest and LeRoy kindly played a game with me and managed to allow me to win. In other words, he threw the game. So today was a good day.

P.S. I could not get a link to embed the video, so look to the bottom of my bloglist where it says Uploads by TheMadDoc666.

P.S. The link has been added so I can embed it so here goes. Oh yes, I also put the full series of Aunt Santhea of Doc's channel. He doesn't know it yet. Just click All to see the list of those, Doc first acting jobs on Youtube.


Sugar said...

i think emma jeans check is so small because she's married. i know my dtr was getting 650. on ss, then when she married they cut her check in half!!!
have a good week.

Missie said...

Have a good week. said...

Are you going to put the video in your blog or do we just go to utube? I got a strange message instead of just popping there, about saving the file. Could be my computer. You are getting hits!

Gerry said...

I haven't been able to embed the video Doc and I made. I could if I uploaded it to my channel, easily, but don't know as I want to do that. I want to give Linda's video a chance to shine.

Amrita said...

It seems a lot of people in Westward Ho are alchoholics. Stay away from them.. They need to go to AA or rehab.

Connie said...


Gerry said...

Connie, that 666 is typical of Doc's fuzzy thinking, but this time I did not argue with him. And his defiance. However, he was grateful I helped him to create the channel and put some of his work on it from my channel.
Also, Amrita having been born to an alcoholic I never shunned the company of drinkers to a degree because according to one emergency ward doctor alcohol causes more health problems and trauma than any other single thing, and I have always believed that some intervention into the lives of drunks is important in order to protect society lest they come out of nowhere to send you or part of your family to the hospital or grave. I have been studying alcoholism all my life and what might affect drinkers and help them to control it. I thought more intervention was definitely needed when I was a child, just a visit occasionally by his sisters especially would have been nice. They would get all excited and decide to take us out of our home and when that would not work they would go back to avoiding my dad and therefore his family. I felt my dad could definitely be affected by them. I saw my aunt bring him right out of delerium tremens just by talking to him about an hour. But I say only intervene according to your strength as they are good at trying to suck you into indulging them. Gerry


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