Friday, August 21, 2009

Sister Linda reads her poetry on the patio

With the camera miraculously restored to function by a guy Doc called in Guatemala, I summoned Linda to the patio at 6am this morning to read poetry under the trees as the sun was just coming up. As it was people passed to and fro despite the early hour, but we finished a video and hope you like it! The camera may go kaput again, so we must take advantage of it while we can. Sorry the film turned out a little dark under the trees, but Linda's voice is strong and she is a lot more vigorous now than she was a few months ago. SF is starting to agree with her!


salemslot9 said...

I do like your video
can tell you're related
in a good way
even your stylish clothes
and hats said...

The surroundings are lovely, Linda is stylish and strong voiced, and the choice of poems unforgetable! Each one special and would be easy to hear again and again. Send it out on UTube so the world can enjoy. I enjoyed this reading immensely.

LaRena said...

i loved the reading and I must say I was thrilled to see and hear Linda come forth with such vigor,After all the time she has been forced to dance with health problems. Not even knowing what they were about. i think just having the MRI gave her the feeling that she would be alright. She said she started walking better. Yeah, Now dance Linda Dance. If I had to choose a favorite it might be that. I have loved the line, dance like no one was watching. The other poems were really good too and she seems more confident in her reading. Those San Francisco poet will intimidate her no more. After all her sister helped her to have a five star video performance. Even the wavering camera decided to cooperate. Congratulations to both of you. I loved it.


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