Thursday, August 6, 2009

Parting of the ways video made in my apartment

When Raymond wrote in a new entry in his blog Cowboys and Bohemians that he was finalizing three play dates in San Francisco in September, I got so excited that I went down and got the video camera (4th interest is mine) so I could make a video about parting of the ways with Doc and preparing for a new exciting year with theater. By the way Connie just sent me the header of the lone cardinal. It made me feel kind of sad to see this bird there alone, but it had to be. Thanks, Connie, who finds a way to illustrate some of what I am feeling.
While I was down to Doc's getting the camera and editing my video he insisted on playing the video we made when I accused him of committing an infidelity and broke up with him over the film he made with another woman. Since Doc doesn't do sex, he does not understand how he could have committed an infidelity. Well, it had to be explained to him that just because people aren't having sex anymore that doesn't mean they can't be unfaithful to their partner in other ways. Doc, instead of doing something about the terrible problems we had as a couple including drinking, just went to find someone to entertain him after I went home because he was too drunk for me to tolerate. Doc even played this video for the other woman who was quite taken back to think she was being accused of an infidelity with him by making this movie. If I had not left Doc this film would sound like an old harpy bitching, but since I did leave him, it is now hilarious. The look of confusion on Doc's face is priceless. Doc had the nerve to ask me to sit down and make another video with him, but I refused, saying that I was only going to spend a very limited amount of time in his presence so I could continue on making this breakup a reality. I said I just don't want to live in your alcoholic world anymore.


Sugar said...

stay strong my friend.
big hugs to you.

Sugar said...

oh, i just got the mail delivered by gson. the book you sent is here! ty so much.
i enjoy ea & every one.
someday i hope to get a 'full page' magnifying glass to make reading them easier, takes forever with my handheld one. lol
have a good wkend.
huggies my friend...

Missie said...

Have a good Friday!

Pamela said...

No more Doc?? I hope you are going to be ok.


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