Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Doc concerned about alcoholic being evicted because it makes him feel less safe


salemslot9 said...

I noticed the matching
before I started video
it's like you have
your own show

Amrita said...

Are you getting back together with Doc?

Gerry said...

No, Amrita, I am just going down to process my videos and make one with him for his channel if he requests it, but I am making it clear I am spending the mornings elsewhere, eating my meals other places, etc. and he is accepting that pretty well. But it is my theory that alcoholics crave communication and have developed a drinking pattern going about getting it the wrong way, so the cure is to talk to them periodically. I do not believe in punishing the alcoholic by ignoring him. I grew up thinking that my dad's family all treated him like the plague, would never talk to him because he was difficult. His mother, his sisters, and his dad. The only one who ever came to visit was his alcoholic brother. His sister spent more time on the chicks she used to raise than she did on my dad. I thought even for the sake of his children she should have ignored her repugnance and tried to find a way to communicate with him. That's what we daughters did. He was smart. But very very defensive. So was his brother who was found dead, suspect of suicide before he even reached 50. I think we have to do someething with alcoholics. We can't just ignore them and think the problem will go away. Thanks so much for your question. Gerry


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