Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Farmers Market bouquet from Doc

Doc took the photo of me sniffing
the bouquet he bought me at the Farmer's Market this morning. He also bought two small water melon and four peaches. I bought a package of oatmeal granola to cook. So we came home happy.
A trip to the Farmer's Market refreshes my soul. I got four peaches yesterday at Bashas which ships in Utah peaches every year. I feel better eating the highly flavorful Utah peaches at least once a year.
A trip to the Farmer's Market tends to diminish the effects of yesterdays concerns, and you have the feeling of starting anew. I recommend a trip to your local Farmer's Market to start the weekend. I am so glad one is close by


salemslot9 said...

looks like Doc is
being sweet to you...

madcobug said...

Very good picture of you and the flowers. Helen

Amrita said...

The flowers are very pretty said...

Where is my comment? Not there! I thought it was. Well, I enjoyed the flowers. I do like a bunch of different kinds like these. Enjoy!

LaRena said...

You look great with the flowers and certainly youthful for your age. The colors are all very nice with your green outfit.

I too waiting for the Utah peaches, They were so good last year at Sun Flower market. When they advertised them ,I ran right over. They were hard but I thought 'Oh well they will ripen." When they did they were very sour and disappointing.Guess I'll have try Bashas.


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