Thursday, September 3, 2009

I got talented kids

The above photo is about the only one I have of them together. I went to Facebook to see that my son Raymond had posted a bunch of links, one to the Waifs he has been playing with in Salt Gulch. I will put one of their videos on the blog list. They are a band from Australia. He also posted news of a new entry on his blog called, "Lightning in my pocket, thunder in my soul" with the excitement building about his trip to SF to do his one man show.
My son Dan and my niece Cheryl are now showing a second website they worked on this summer for the Boulder, Utah heritage foundation. See link on my blog list Raymond just went to Salt Lake for a meeting in connection to bringing a demonstration of musical roots to the Festival, I believe. Details are pending. He also said he had to go to Richfield to appear in court today for hitting a deer! Which jumped out in front of his truck. Wonder how that is going to turn out.
Dan reports back to work on his job today. Since the hotel business is so slow he went to Utah for the summer with a leave of absence. He is lucky to have a job in hard Arizona times.

Son Gary called and said his daughter is worried about her new born who tested positive as a carrier for cystic fibrosis. They are bringing the baby down to be tested to see if she actually has it or is just a carrier. Always somepn' to worry about.
Well, Folks, I am on my way out the door to pay the rent and find something to eat!


Malagutigrrl said...

What a band of great lookin' kids you've got. I'm sure you're proud of all of 'em! said...

Nice to get them all in one place.
I feel for Laura. That is something to worry about.

sober white women said...

I know that jhobs are to find. I do hope that they find something.

Amber has given up on finding a job and is now really looking for anything. She wants to stick with odd jobs, so I have been helping her look.

Missie said...

That's a great picture of the kids!

Have a good Friday.

Connie said...

will be praying for that baby...Ya done good,Ma..great kids ya got there...


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