Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My beefy arms vs Doc's vodka soaked brain cells

Doc called me forth to report progress on fixing his muted computer (he accidentally pulled the wrong plug out and it has been mute ever since despite all his efforts to fix it). My son Dan says he will be working all week so can't come over and unmute it for a few days. Doc's highpowered computer is too complex for me to mess with either, I told my son Dan who I could just see shaking his head. But I was glad to hear he is working all this week in these hard Arizona times.
Doc was also determined to retire his TheMadDoc666 channel as he heard on the news this morning there were several gangs in Phoenix signing their graffiti 666. So we made the last video we will ever make for the nefarious sounding channel. It is uploading now. The header is a frame i just learned how to take from a video. So I can learn something!
In this frame note my beefy arms. You will never be misled on my channel about my not representing the obesity epidemic. You will be able to see the evidence for yourself. But I believe in giving fat people and alcoholics a voice, for how else will society be able to figure out how to help us.
I have been advised to quit helping Doc but I have cut down my association with him to just our business together. He is still paying on all this expensive equipment and has made no protest, so I go down and use it freely. In return I will go on his channel and insult him or whatever I feel like doing. Doc is very liberal and is for everyone expressing themselves.
Anyway, I will embed his video here after it is uploaded, and you will be able to see him explain why he had to retire his channel. Now he acts like why didn't you stop me? It was his channel so I just let hm go ahead and make his own mistakes.


Amrita said...

dear Doc, we 'll send you cards & letters, if you sober up OK.

Alchoholism is a disease, its not fun.

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

I will be looking for the new blog in three days. Should be interesting. Doc, post paintings every so often or draw new ones about the graffiti, etc.
In spite of everything, I find you quite a jokester. I will be interested to see what you are up to next!

Connie said...

Give up on Doc...NEVER..Never give up on Doc...He's one of the good guys- despite his drinking...and not all drinking is alcoholism.It's what he likes..if he's beligerant ..just leave him be...till later..Doc I love ya sweets and Gerry does too or she'd leave you be...

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