Sunday, September 20, 2009

"My therapist has developed a derriere obsession"

Here is Doc's latest video which he orchestrates, names, and is in general responsible for. The title has nothing to do with what is inside the video, but refers to the upcoming one. He has taken to referring to me as his 'therapist.' What he is talking about here was the hour and a half I spent trying to get a frame shot of my derriere so it could be featured as a photo. He was impressed with my persistence when I set out to do something. He was also impressed to think I would work this hard to get a photo of my fat self. However, I have decided the best approach to being fat is to become comedic about it. Anything is more tolerable if you and others are able to laugh at the condition.
I will throw in here that Jack appeared homeless yesterday, frightfully sunburned, with people gathering around him, mostly women trying to figure out how to help him. One younger woman said she had spent one whole day this past week with him trying to get him into the mission, but after all that effort, she realized that Jack was not yet ready to sober up so he could go into the mission or any other rescue place, so to date Jack remains unrescued. It was all I could do to keep from following him down the street after he was chased away by security and doing my bit in trying to rescue him. Haven't I spent hours in here through the years figuring out how Jack could be kept sober.
Now I would say hundreds are involved in trying to get Jack sober. I decided a long time ago he belonged to the world. I am trying to give Doc to the world. I have always thought marriage to one person was dreadfully confining and one really ought to be able to talk to more. In the interest of getting Doc out there, I have helped him create a blog and a Youtube channel of his own. He is taking right to it. He will spend a half an hour thinking up the name of his video like the above. I don't know if all will appreciate his zany sense of humour but anybody who knows Doc knows he is zany.
I am also helping to launch off my friend LaRena's new blog (See Winter of Life on my blog list). She starts with a magnificent big photo header.
I am all for everyone blogging, everyone belonging to the world. Sister Ann is writng about quilts in her blog at the moment, KanyonlandKing. This means that there will be less for anybody who gets famous, because that is what happens when everyone gets famous. Less for more. It used to be that only extremely talented and intelligent and gifted people were thought to be worthy of fame, but this hardly seems fair since they usually had nothing to do with being born that way. So I have spent my lifetime trying to get everyone I know famous. So as all these people I know start blogging that means I will get to your blog a little less often, but when I do come I will try to catch up with all I have missed, as we share the fame.
Some bloggers are wonderful encouragers to bloggers keeping up with an astronomical number of blogs already. Heavens blessings rain down on them because they recognize the value of each human being and their opinions.

4 comments: said...

I was surprised to see Rick's picture (Bipolar) on your blog, and I got a kick out of your discussion of blogs. I really like the schitzo one Rick (not Doc)
drew. I did laugh a time or two!
I do enjoy laughing.

LaRena said...

This is an entry that is true. You have encouraged a lot of people to 'shine their light'. I like the philosophy That each person is of value and deserves some recognition. I was thrilled about the middle aged singer jumping into fame on Simon Cowell's show. She has had a hard time handling the suddenness of it all, but I still think it was great for her and inspired a lot of people to think they too are of value to the world. I have very much enjoyed all of Doc's drawings that have been published, even though I haven't yet read his blogs or listened to his videos. I'm sure I will get to them as I like zany.

Connie said...

You two crack me up.But I'll say it again..turn off the background's soo distracting.
Love you to see you laugh together......

Amrita said...

I will watch the vid. later as it takes a v. long time to load.

Sorry about Jack.. If he doesn 't make up his mind or something he will die on the streets.


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