Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Musings of a Piano Girl" inspired me today

She is on my blog list. Some of you know her from J-land. Morgan. She kind of quit blogging here and there and now she is looking for her readers as she launches off into more energetic blogging. I love this young lady because she is so creative and passionate. She also has a Youtube channel called Minstrel of the Keys, also on my blog list, where she plays the piano for us. I love the one called "Song of the Minstrel." I listened to it once a while back and tonight I went again and listened to it. It fit my mood. She says she is going to record more for us. I certainly hope so.
I saw the headline on her blog today and it alarmed me. It read "Hate is too great a burden to bear" and I hastened to her blog to see what had happened.
Well, this brave young woman heard a group of girls being hateful to another little group on the bus, so she decided to come to their defense. She gave the abusers a reaction I was proud to hear, but I was a little scared, too, as I used to get when my daughter Ronda would leap into the fray of battle when she thought someone was being attacked unfairly.
I always say pick your fights carefully. But I thought Morgan spoke brave truthful words for us all when she saw mean people hurting others who could not defend themselves.


Amrita said...

Just saw your video.

Lord have mercy, at that young age you had to do so much, I just got tired listening to that washing routine.
Bless your soul. I am not surprised you 've got CFS. Yers I know people who suffer from it and its an emotional thing too. I 've had shades of it too, with my arthritis.

My mother who is your age also did nit grow up with the modern conviniences and I too, but we had servants to help with washing and housework, so we did not have to work so hard. Now I don 't have servants as they are too expensive. My Mom feels too bad having me work ,but we can 't afford servants.

Love the hat.

Doc certainly wanted a word in edgeways literally - leaning into to the frame like a naughty boy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention, Gerry! I'm flattered to know that I can have people of all ages relate to me.

You're right that what I did could have backfired (as those girls could have turned on me) but I deemed it necessary for the defense of those being ridiculed, as I'm sure you understand through Ronda.

Thank you again for both your loyal following and your constructive, interesting comments. Have a great day!


Missie said...

I'll go check out Morgan! Have a good night.

DB said...

You take a risk when you stand up for the little guy, but if you don't do it you aiding the abusers. Life is tough.


Have Myelin? said...

I am deaf due to antibotics and I went to public school before giving up and going off to the state school for the deaf.

Anyway, I do remember those who stepped up and came to my defense because perhaps I spoke "different".

It makes a huge difference to the "little guy or girl". =) Life is hard enough.

ADB said...

Morgan is a wise young lady we can all learn from. As we should all learn from each other. Hope you are well,



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