Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doc has a new Youtube channel and a new blog!

You will find them both listed in my blog list. While I was down there working on his stuff, I ate some of his food which was way too strong for me and was sick all evening. My daughter warned me that if I went off my mild vegetarian diet to be careful as it would be harder to disgest. I have learned my lesson. I tried to call Doc 3 different times to tell him when it was the worst, but he was fast asleep. It is 2am and I am starting to feel better so I guess it isn't serious.
3:30 pm. Stomach is still upset. I think now it is the last thing I ate which was blueberries, cheerios, and some organic soy milk that is causing the problem with my stomach touchy from eating Doc's stuff. Either the blueberries had gone bad or the soy milk. That is what it feels like. I had let that soy milk sit in the fridge quite awhile. I don't like that brand, maybe for good reason. I will have to stick to Silk.
Anyway Doc's blog is called Rick n Doc Emde, which I helped him create so he can put some of his art work in it, and perhaps be inspired to do more. His youtube channel is no longer TheMadDoc666 as he fretted and stewed over that 666 once he decided it was bad, until I deleted his account and started over. He seems quite interested in deciding what to put in both, so we will see how that goes.
I am still cautious about hanging out there long other than when I am working with him. I am limiting my time there still.
Oh, by the way don't you like the header Connie made from a frame taken off the video?

P.S. Morning. Now I know I have the flu. Some people I was having coffee and tea with out on the patio had it, but my immunity was up good then. If you go off your diet there is a good chance those viruses in your system will leap into action, and that is what has happened here.

P.S. This morning I did not feel I had the flu after all, but read on this organic soy milk not to use after five days. I think it was the culprit as I kept tasting it for hours. Never had any food do me like this before. Didn't know soy milk could. My stomach is still sore, but I have no fever, or any more nausea. Just feels sore. Will figure it out eventually. But now is the time to be cautious since the flu season is coming up and swine flu is still around in Arizona anyway.


madcobug said...

I hope you feel better soon. Great picture for your header. Helen said...

I'll go check on Doc. Sorry to hear you were sick. A bug is easy to get. I hope you are better today.

salemslot9 said...

get well soon, Gerry
everyone, remember to
wash your hands and
try not to touch
your eyes, nose & mouth

Barb said...

Gerry, Hope you are feeling back up to par when you read this. I have ungodly acid reflux & never know what it going to set off my stomach problems. Will have to check out Doc's new you tube channel. You're so sweet for helping him with it.
Take care & stay well,
Barb (queenb)

Amrita said...

I am gla d Doc 's got a nicer sounding channel.

Take care Gerry, get well soon.

Connie said...

Woo-hoo-he got a new name for his channel...but you don't let us in on the reason for this name..(curiosity killed the cat--MEOW).
I got here to late to see the header you were talking about,but I think I know which one it was,LOL


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