Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kerynn Taylor Pierce is here!

I just got this card from my granddaughter, Laura Lynne, with these photos of her new baby girl, Kerynn, and her older brother Wyatt. Unusual name. My son Gary, the grandpa, spelled it for me over the phone. I thought you would like to see her.
I have picked out a darling little snuggle blanket knitted by a woman at the Farmer's Market to buy for her. She wasn't there this last Saturday because of rain. It is one of those blankets that's made from very warm yarn. The woman said mothers use them to put over the baby in a stroller and such. The family lives in Flagstaff where it gets cold early at about 7,000 feet. After she outgrows the blanket maybe she can use it for her dolls!
When I buy one I will try to show a photo of it. I just fell in love with it.


Paula said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new great granddaughter. The older brother is pretty darn cute too.

Connie said...

Awww how precious...Tell all congrats from me!!!!!

LaRena said...

what a great card. The photos are really special. I know Laura Lynn and the daddy are very happy to have this baby. It is so great when you know a baby is really wanted and will be loved and treasured though out life. I hope you are able to procure the blanket you found that you love. It will be appreciated in cold Flagstaff.

Amrita said...

Congratulations. The baby is such a sweet addition to the family. The blanket is very cute and snuggly

Have Myelin? said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful!

Barb said...

My most heartfelt congratulations on the new little beauty. She is a doll. Her big brother is quite handsome hinmself! I have been working my hurting fingers as fast as I can to crochet baby afghans for familiy & friends. There is an organization for crocheting squares to donate to piece together afghans for poor & homeless or you can do whole blankets. I have been trying to get some squares done here and there for them. And I want to do some baby afghans for them if I can a simple & quick one. I have SO much scrap yarn I could do hundreds of squares if this younger generation would slow down with the babies. It seems our nieces & nephews are cranking them out left and right LOL. We already have great great nieces and nephews and I am just 55!!
I hope everyone is well and having a happy time adjusting to their new little bundle.
Hugs, Barb


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