Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Planned Parenthood and Center of Reproductive Rights file lawsuits to strike down Arizona restrictions on abortion signed into law by Gov. Brewer

Since President Obama also issued a stern warning to Wall Street today that they must become accountable for their actions in producing our economic bankruptcy, the headlines might well have read, "President Obama, how can we curb the groups reponsible for our spiritual bankruptcy due to legalized abortion?"
The New York based Center of Reproductive Rights certainly with an euphemism for a name for support of abortion rights has filed their lawsuit in the federal court in Phoenix while Planned Parenthood has filed theirs in Maricopa Country Superior Court, both claiming that the restrictions recently passed and imposed by law on Arizona abortions are unconstitutional.
It is clear to see that for some people there is nothing wrong with trying to keep anything from impeding the abortion of a child. I don't see how we can go by any twist of the 'law of privacy' or whatever will be used to try to say that these restrictions are unconstituitional while it is supposed to be constituitional now to take the life of the unborn.
Nurse practitioners do half of the abortions now, but the new restrictions require a physician which will certainly make them harder to get. Parental consent for underage teens wanting an abortion is another restriction requiring a notarized parental signature.
You would think that any people with common sense would see legalized abortion leads to spiritual bankruptcy. We cannot get away with killing the unborn without a rupture from the whole idea of what divine justice is all about. Little children are murdered here in Arizona on a daily basis almost. That is a clear manifestation of spiritual bankruptcy with not enough leaders the murderers are going to respect to tell them they are wrong. There is too much blood of children on everybody's hands.
When we decided some years back legalized abortion had to be a 'right' for every woman, we opened the door to more murders of children. Anybody with common sense ought to be able to see the effect of letting down the bars and the restraints to the violent taking of life. Each act takes the same kind of action, death to the child. Each act bears a very close relation to the other.
The people are becoming more hardened and determined not to listen every day. The longer we wait to do something about legalized abortion the greater the spiritual bankruptcy of our nation will be.

Gerry King (Hitt)

Letter sent to Arizona Republic and published in my blog G4Life on Az Central

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