Friday, September 4, 2009

I spent what seemed like hours flyng (badly) last night with a pilot as my guide

Since I inherited psychic abilities, I learned early on that if someone else had these abilities I could pick up what they were thinking and doing very easily. Jack, the guy who was evicted, had psychic ability. For example when I was talking to him almost daily before I met Doc he came saying he had a dream he wanted me to help interpret. He said that he dreamed a small plane crashed and was sort of hanging in the lobby and he was trying to rescue people. He said the dream was so vivid he thought it had significance. A day or so later, my sister Ann told me that around the time Jack dreamed this dream a small plane crashed where she lived and her son was out for hours in the night tramping around in the snow trying to find the plane so any survivers could be rescued. It was finally found and one survivor I believe was airlifted to Salt Lake. I concluded that since Jack was a pilot and I was not this information had come through my psychic perception where it was picked up by Jack resulting in a vivid dream, since I am very close to this sister.
Well, last night I had a vivid encounter with Jack who was flying. I used to have flying dreams all the time, so he said, come on, you can fly, come fly with me. And he started to zoom up and down the sky so fast that I could not keep up with him. I told him he was flying too fast and I only managed to get into the air and fly around, but I had never learned to do fancy didoes like that. He would say try this, try that. I would try it, but I could never get the hang of what he was doing. I said I am sorry but I have not flown for years in my dreams. I said I have never known you to fly like this in psychic pickups. He said I never could fly in the Westward Ho. He said now I am a free spirit, so I can fly!
Jack is very strong physically from building himself up all the time. He would regularly take five mile walks. I could only make it within a mile. Which was why he could recover so fast when he quit drinking. I said you must be in recovery to fly like this.
I said I am too disabled to leave the Westward Ho, but you apparently are not. Maybe you needed more of a challenge to survive than subsidized housing. Hardly anyone now days gets the break of only paying one fourth of their income on rent and utilities. I would say that the government has probably been more generous than they can afford, since now once someone gets in subsidized housing and recovers from a disability somewhat, they are not prone to leave their safety net. So what is to be done about this disparity?
I feel I have more to spend than many young families do! Of course you will hear many seniors complaining constantly as well as some disabled if any of their privileges are threatened. They tend not to look at the rest of the country to see what is going on. I think that seniors who go to these town meetings to complain about Obama wanting working families to have healthcare too are being a little selfish. Medicare is spending millions just because doctors can get government money for expensives tests and surgeries. Almost anyone can get an expensive scooter paid for by medicare. You will see it on TV.
A woman in here probably cost medicare close to one million dollars because a doctor convinced her to try stomach reduction surgery even though she had been disabled by two kinds of cancer. MRRSA got into the incision. After a year, most of it spent in the hospital, she finally died. Multiply the cost of her surgeries by all types of expensive procedures done on other disabled and elderly who have medicare, and you have got ballooning costs that will break the country alone.
If health care for all is attempted, there must be a great deal more curtailment of costs or it is simply unaffordable. I do not think it makes a whole lot of sense to spend so much on the most unproductive members of our society, and allow the workers to go uninsured and therefore unappreciated. This is how a country goes broke.
Had I not got into public housing I would probably be living with relatives and trying to pay my way with what I could do. When congress members decided families just weren't doing a good enough job of taking care of their aging and disabled they mandated the goverenment to take over, thus weakening the role family has always played in taking care of the elderly and disabled, for centuries!
We have found out that government just does not have a good head. It doesn't do a good job of taking the place of families and never should have thought it (congress) could do a better job. At terrible expense I might say, and we are rapidly becoming a poor country with so many entitlements.
I think Jack is better off out scrambling to survive. He complained constantly of being bored, a good indication he was not living up to his potential. He was being helped too much. He got away with drinking in a most frightful manner. Who can stop alcoholics from having such meltdowns in publicized housing? It happens all the time. These are places some people come to drink.
If Doc did not live in publicized housing he would not have near enough money to drink as he does. I say that public housing prmotes irresponsibility in almost every direction and I am in one! Families stop taking responsibility for the aging and disabled related to them. They stop caring. The government can't care enough. What good does that do?
I feel a lot less close to my family and I see people in here who gradually cease to interact with family at all. Government is one cold substitute for the caring of family. Opinions, anyone?


Connie said...

Well-I tried taking care of mommie-deartest..I could do no matter how hard I tried..she couldn't boss me -couldn't convince my hubby to let her boss me..and she left in a huff..spewing trashy remarks about me to anyone who had an ear to bend... turned my own daughter and brother to believe her do I not care about her...yes-I do..have I spoken to haven't..I am stubborn as the year is long...So-I did not thrust her off to the clutches of the government--as she has her own money and is so far paying her own way...but if the Lord willing she outlives her money then by golly the GOV will be footing her bill because the door here doesn't swing both ways...[dirty laundry aired-now I shall go forth and cry] said...

I think parents find it very hard to be cared for by children, as children find it hard to care for the elderly with respect. The Japanese seem to be able to care and respect the elderly because of their culture. But I do know know how that works in reality. I think kids learn how to survive their parents and parents aren't going to listen to their kids.
When Mom first went to a care center, she stood on her bed and swung her cane. I took that stick home. She settled in and I visited her daily and she would laugh and joke, but workers learned not to let her grab their arms. She was surprisingly strong after her years of work, and sometimes mean. I was working and there was no way I could care for her at home without finding help. It would be very hard for my kids to take care of me if I was ill or unmanagable. I hope they to chuck me in the Care Center so they can have active lives, instead of being home caring for the old.


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