Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Got lots to tell you!

Wearing the above outfit I went down to the patio about 6:30 to talk first to Too, my 9th floor Korean neighbor, Kevin from Utah soon appeared and then Scott, my neighbor, and then Imogene, plus another guy on my floor. I am about to talk myself to death. Imogene was in great form, and she is fun to talk to. We talked until 9;30. I decided to shut chatty Gerry up and go over to the Silvercrest to play pool. We played pool until 11:30 and then I had lunch. I was joined by Kevin who left the patio to go to the store to get two watermelons he said. Doc just called me to come and put another video on his channel.
But before I go here is the website my son Dan helped his cousin Cheryl create for the Boulder, Utah Heritage Foundation as listed on my blog list. I think they did a great job: He still has more work to do on it. Click on the categories on the left and also on the Workship activities and it will take you to more pages.
My sister Linda called last night and said she got an e-mail that a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle wants to come and interview her before her poetry reading to this bookstore. She says she will mention Raymond's show. She was nervous and was trying to get ready for him. She wanted to know how to get to her poetry reading we did on Youtube on my channel. (see blog list)
Raymond called from Salt Lake and will try to hook up with Scott, Linda's son, to go to San Francisco to do the tech on his show to open there on Sept. 11. Three one person shows are scheduled one after another to this theater. I think they all look good. So it is going to be an exciting September for these family members.
I am having fun on Facebook. I will tell you more about that next time. Tally ho!

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