Monday, September 21, 2009

Homeless walk

This morning I took a long walk over to McDonald's and back, which is a favorite spot for the homeless. But few were there. I did not venture further into the area where the big homeless shelter is. I once went by there on the bus and was shocked to see what looked like two or three hundred people standing out waiting for something, distribution of food, or maybe to get into the shelter for night. It was a definite shock to see that many homeless gathered together.
I find in the last three weeks I have come to the point of avoiding anyone who talks against the homeless and why they are. There but for the grace of god-- I am not going to argue with anyone. I am just going to avoid negative remarks about people so desperate as to abandon security and a place to live.
There are other forms of desperation here, when people get sick and can't function as they must to manage independent housing. Then management is notified if neighbors get concerned, and they have someone come in and assess just how incapacitated the ailing person is. I know that when people are sick they don't want to leave a familiar place, so many try to conceal illness or injury. So this morning some of us were trying to assess just how sick one person was and whether someone in the office needed to know.
I decided I could not keep going over to the Silvercrest to play pool. I can't manage two places at once I have concluded. There is a pool table here and I have found more players, so I will just hope I will find people to play with if I stick to practicing here. I feared I was interrupting regular routines over there and I need to be consistent if I am going to go over there. I had the flu and couldn't go at all for days. They need to be able to rely on me in order for me to be accepted as a regular. Besides the lunch there is too much off my diet, so I don't want to make going over there a regular habit. It is not vegetarian enough.
Raymond called on his way home from SF. He plans to stop in St. George and get his computer into a repairman, so he can report to you all about SF. I can't really do justice to the experience.
The swimming pool opened today, and people were testing the water which most claimed was lovely. So I am going in tomorrow afternoon. I usually don't swim past the 15th of September but this is special. So many have been watcing the renovation with interest, I am hoping they will be inspired to swim!


sober white women said...

We also have a lot of homeless people in our area, but we do not have any shelters or anything like that where we live.
I went for a swim today and I loved it! You should go test out your new pool
Kelli said...

Yes, go swim. It is still hot enough there. We are having ice in the Thw leaves are starting to turn and are beautiful. Enjoy your water!

Amrita said...

So sorry to read about the plight of the homeless and sick trying to conceal their illness. In India their condition is worse as there are no homeless shelters, well very few.

Rhapsody B. said...

Homelessness is an epidemic all over the world even here in North America. They there is also the working poor who access the soup kitchens and shelters for food to help supplement their income.

Happy swimming, enjoy the rest of your week.


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