Monday, September 14, 2009

Good old country livin' just made me tard or how I got chronic fatigue syndrome


Missie said...

Have a good week!

Barb said...

You sure hda a lot to take on an early age!
As a child & grandchild of farmers in the 50s, I know a little of what you speak. Of course, my parents lived through the depression, so they were frugal & the original recyclers. My Mom esp.The farm was a wheat, cattle & hog farm. By then our animals were taken to a butcher to be slaughtered & packaged. My Dad's mom didn't have a bathroom. She did have water in the kitchen that had to pumped by hand. In winter we had to take a bath in a big tub in the kitchen with water heated on the stove. I started learning to cook when I was 5. My grandparents all lived on farms, but my Dad helped his Dad with his farm, then inherited it. We lived in "town" abt 28 miles away. Mom & one of her sisters had a huge garden & I have helped can many quarts of fruits & vegetables. Of course I have never worked as hard as I'm sure you did as a girl, I do know how hard life was for the generations before me. I do not suffer from Chronic Fatigue, but I do have diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease, & fibromyala. I don't know why I have these things. Certainly I was not overworked. LOL Just my lot in life. I really enjoy your videos. They are informative & very enteraining at the same time.Can't wait to see another.
Always, Barb (queenb)

Gerry said...

Thank you so much for your imput, Barb, I enjoy your style of writing very much. I always have and missed you when you were having health problems and could not post. You might not have even realized you worked too hard. You work so hard right now I can't believe it. You remind me of my sister Ann who has no pancreas and the most severe diabetes and can still tire you out just following her around in a day. She is one of the most efficient workers I about ever ran into. Don't know how many quilts she has done. I thanked God on my bended knee she quit making quilts after she lost her pancreas! My mom used to run off and escape the work. I think that strained me more than anything! Ha, but I didn't want to talk about that in this video. Gerry

Nelishia said...

I'll go right over and read that. I'm like Rhonda in the way that if I see something not right I try to stop it immediately. Cannot stand there and let something awful happen. This last generation lost their natural compassion for others. And their children rarely show empathy of compassion. People like her and myself are few now. We're a people who have been socially conditioned to not have feelings for any one but ourselves. It is a regression in my opinion.


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