Friday, September 25, 2009

More pool magic and visit to the doctor

Health and swimming go together for me, and since this summer was extra hot, I could only feel dismay that they were closing the pool all summer. Naturally I hardly exercised since you do not walk in anything from 110 to 115 degree heat. Now at last the pool has been opened again, but the weather is starting to turn so it will be a little too chilly for me in a few days. But that also means I will be able to walk comfortably again.
The results were evident at the doctor's yesterday where the scales said I had gained 6-8 pounds since I was there last January. Which is why I have been letting Doc call me the fat therapist. If I had not gained weight, believe me, I would not put up with so much kidding. This weight gain is definitely not a good thing. Now my sugar is probably going to be up to the point I will need to start taking pills. I am going in next week for a blood test for that He also wants to test me with an ultra sound to see how the arteries and veins are in my legs next week. I say the main culprit has been lack of exercise. That is when weight can get away from you.

In the meantime I had Doc come down and take a grand tour of the pool which looks like it is brand new. After the video was taken, four tables with benches were brought in (photo). They are the most substantial we have ever had in the pool area since I have been here. Also lights have been installed in the bottom of the pool so some night swimming will be permitted. Hey, since this pool is a historical feature and cannot be taken out, everything possible is being done to get people to swim in it. I am sure the renovation cost a pretty penny. I certainly appreciate it. No, HUD complexes don't come with swimming pools. This just happened to be a historical site, an old luxury hotel made into a HUD complex, and the city wants those preserved as is, lucky for us. Looks like I will be living here indefinitely or until health fails me, since I am now even more in love with this giant pool! A cool swimming pool in Arizona summer heat is heaven.


madcobug said...

Doc did great showing off the pool with you in it. That is a very pretty place. Getting in the water is great exercise. Have a nice weekend in the water. Helen

Paula said...

Wow how lucky can you get? As I've said before its a lovely pool. Is it warm enough all winter to swim some days in it or do they close?

Missie said...

The pool looks beautiful! Have a good weekend.

LaRena said...

Boy they outdid them selves with the renovation of the pool. I agree that swimming is the very best excercise one can do. So easy on the joints which the elderly need. Do hope all of your blood work turns out good. You will enjoy looking at this lovely pool even when it is too chilly to swim,

Amrita said...

Nice tour of the poolside. Really liked the outdoors view.
You look cool in the pool.

We are in the 90s and its humid too, I wish I had a pool like that to jump in.

You live in very pleasant surroundings

Connie said...

Doc-you crack me up.....and wow to have that pool to yourself..what was that guy doing just standing there for over 7 minutes...just standing...and standing...guess he just wantded to get his feet wet...nope you're not a figment of our imagination're the 'real deal'...mwah

Barb said...

Very nice video. Doc did a good job filming you & the pool. Hope the people will help take care of the area. It's very pleasant looking. I can't imagine how hot that water gets in the summer. Do they keep the pool open all yr. or does the water cool off too mudh to swim. Ours does of course. But we keep the pump running part time & keep it clean as possible.
You look like you were having a relaxing dip. Is Doc not a swimmer? As a I said, he did a standup job shooting this video. Thanks for sharing.
Barb (queenb)


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