Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another award and some good blog entries

I went to get this award from Herrad who has several blogs I read while I was searching. I have put one on my blog list that I thought had outstanding writing in it, even though it was posted two years ago. Herrad has been diagnosed with MS so the blog where I picked up this award is MS related. We get to pick one and I liked this one. Awards are fun. Her blog links are: on my blog list posted 2 years ago and
where I pcked up this award.
I got interesting responses from my Kreativ Award recipients that I am still enjoying. I liked reading Sheria's 7 things you might not know about me in her blog Examined Life. Sheria also just inspired a debate on Facebook about immigration I thought was outstanding. We need her kind of vigorous examination of the issues to get us thinking about and expressing ourselves on stuff that can inspire dangerous reactions out there among the most violent of our populace. She is keeping her fingers on our national pulse for us and we need to add assistance.
I enjoyed Connie's reaction to my kreative blogger award to her 5 blogs because they are all so dang creative! You have got to see the absolutely remarkable footage she just took of wild life in Connie's Photos right in her backyard so to speak, deer and wild turkey that took my breath away, both in photo and video. Then there is her Christmas Story in graphics already out, and her latest Windswept Whispers entry I really enjoyed, too. I always love her Secret Garden and she has new snags in her Snag a Tag. You can go from blog to blog as Connie is always trying some new tech. By the way this is her Thanksgiving header that I liked so much I put it on early.

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Connie said...

WoW Lady you make me proud...I am going to get those 7 things and 7 blogs up yet,LOL


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