Sunday, November 1, 2009

Raymond calls and I meet Baby, my granddog: Plus karaoke videos

Oh was I happy to meet my new granddog at last in the above photo. The photos were taken by a relative up there a while back. She is a little bigger now but it is still her. I will try to get a current photo if I see them before they leave. Baby is so smart. She is only 8 months old and she can already sit, fetch, and roll over! Never have I seen such a smart dog! We went to the park and she showed me her stuff. Raymond and I enjoyed catching up, and then he was off to his brother Gary's, who he hasn't seen yet. He saw Dan last night, but Gary was not home. I may see him again before he leaves for Texas. He spent two night to his sister Ronda's house. Baby bonded with their dog Bailey.
Doc and I spent the day recording some of the karaoke songs we sang last night, so you could get the flavor of our party. The first one I will embed features both Doc and me on Country Western songs. The last one is my favorite that Doc sings--"You never even called me by my name" by David Allen Coe.


madcobug said...

Shame that you didn't get a picture of Baby. I bet all of you had a great time at the party. You both did good on that singing. Made me smile. Helen

LaRena said...

Baby is very cute. and sounds like she has had attention to bring out her smart nature. She is sure to be a little actress. It's funny how we naturally love our grand dogs. Randy and Lucinda have a pack of three. Lucinda vacuum at least twice a day oor more as she can't stand dog hair in her beautiful house, but they all love the dogs completely. I'll comment again when I get a chance to listen to the vidio. Glad you had fun. I stayed home and passed out candy to 45 little goblins.

Amrita said...

The oggie is so cute.

That was fun singing together

Connie said...

Yee-Haw-Roy and Dale ain't got nothin on the two of you!!!

Keep em comin...Love it-yes I do!!!..

Nelishia said...

I have never seen a video of you two that I didn't fully enjoy. It seems as if we really know you in person because of them. I love to hear you laugh, embracing life fully, and just having as much fun as possible as long as you live.
Warmly, Nelishia

LaRena said...

A star is born!! Maybe two. It looked like you were having so much fun acting the great western singers. Did everyone else have as much fun at the party as you two did? i remember a long time ago when your sisters and I all choose a country song to do. I can't remember anyone's except Margie. She did "A little Band of Gold" Her twangy rendition was unforgettable. She was very better than anyone else at that gig. I don't think we ever did it in public.She was a riot.


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