Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raymond and his dog Baby playing in the park

Raymond stopped by on his way out of town to Austin and we went to Margaret Hance Park close by for a photo session. He wore Baby down by throwing the ball to her. I got this cute photo of them. Lucky me. Then after a short chat he took off. He has to find a place down there to live for a month, get his theater space set up for doing Bohemian Cowboy!
The people who sold him his new computer did not tell him it had to come from China, and it did not arrive in time. Guess they needed to sell something too badly. He has to send them an address in Texas.
He said he went to watch my daughter dance at her West Coast Swing dance club, and he said he thought she was the best dancer there! She has been dancing west coast swing for 15 years. She loves her club. He enjoyed getting better acquainted with his nephew Ethan. Talked to Chad, my SIL about his new job as general manager of his company. (He's a very capable guy) Raymond has hired Dan to redo the website on their series "Caffeine." Dan is recovering from the flu and should soon be able to work on it. I think he did go back to work.
People here in the complex have not been hit with the Swine variety yet. I am concerned about the really ailing ones which they say the virus is hitting hard.
I made an appt. to have the CT scan done on Friday. I don't know if Doc plans to go with me or not, but he did promise to wake me up in time! I have been talking about me dying all week He thinks I am overeacting. I hope so, but you can never tell. I never had any symptoms of anything so my doctor was really on the ball to be doing sonor readings on our parts.
I think my new diabetes pill is working well. My poor sister Ann is taking shots all day long.
Raymond and I compared my grandson Dante's behavior in this very park park when he was a wild little cuss and his dog Baby, and you know they acted an awful lot a like. In fact I had to put a leash on Dante so I could catch him. He fought it until I told him he could be a little dog along with the other Westward Ho dogs, and he liked that. Talk about a hyperactive kid. His dad was too. His dad said they will never drug my kid! They were athletes, natural born. I told Dan if he would take Dante out and run him every day he would calm down and act more housebroken. That's what Raymond has to do with Baby. When Dante got a wild dog to play with in the house everybody else ran out. His mother gave that wild dog away and kept Dante.
Baby is so cute. People fall in love with her, so I am sure he will find people to help him with her in Texas!


madcobug said...

Great picture. You can tell Baby is really intelligent. Just look how she is paying attention to what is going on around her. She is so pretty. Helen

A Middle Aged Mom said...

The dog is soo cute! Have a good night.

Lori said...

She's an adorable dog. I loved your comparisons between Dante and Baby. I'm glad you have the appoint made for the CT scan and hope all goes well. Keep good thoughts!

Paula said...

Nice picture of Raymond and Baby. Hope he enjoys his stay in Texas.


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