Monday, November 16, 2009

Strong as the sun

you came back
sat down
made yourself at home
you said you finally
why I insisted
it had to be this way
because now it was so easy
places did not matter
barred doors
you drifted through the wall
entered like the sun
through my window
never heeded locks
did not need keys

I always knew
it could happen any time
and it would have been
a tragedy
the old way
the orthodox
the earthbound
you could climb
9 stories
I'd see you
waving to me outside
my window
smiling like the sun
now you are relaxing
looking over my shoulder
seeing that I am
writing about you



Connie said...

You have such great spirit..a zest for a child looking through the candy store window//you light up with just the thought of something that inspires /intrigues you...

LaRena said...

This is a very nice obviously about the gentleman you've spoken about before who is a great spirit traveler.

By the way, I find it touching that Doc buys you flowers so often. There is a poem in that. said...

Jack comes in his own way...nice poem. Flowers are good!

Paula said...

Like the header, like the poem.

Bohemian Cowboy said...

In my show, I say, "My mother is a poet..." this poem proves it. I loved this poem. All is well in Austin, will blog tomorrow--lots of good news, some hardships, but for the most part, we are tackling Austin... great poem!

Lori said...

Very nice!


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