Friday, November 13, 2009

"Red is not afraid to appear naked to the public" Act III-3 end of play about outlaws

Above is a picture of the guy who inspired the character Red, taken from his memorial services program. His outlaw life was hard on him and he died relatively young, 61, but his likability caused a lot of his outlaw friends to go to a church to bid him farewell. I wrote the novel about him I promised, and even sent him a copy. Although he had dyslexia which made it very hard for him to read, he got through it and told me he had some suggestions about how to 'fix' it, but on the whole he was pleased. I did not dare say I thought he had a bisexual side, since he denied it, and I knew the town where he lived could not handle such shocking speculation, let alone his dad and older brother. I might wait until his older brother dies, if I can outlive him, then I will put that vital possibility into the novel because I think it is a big key to Red's character. Then I might try to sell it again. Red was not happy with men nor do I believe he was ever happy with a woman. Like so many bisexuals, he was torn between the two worlds. HIs lusty feelings for women made me think he was molested into being bisexual by his elders. There were too many around ready to take advantage of a curious and reckless young boy.
His mother was an alcoholic and drug addict who died in her late forties of a drug overdose. His uncle, her brother, had burned himself up and a child he was tending at the age of 28, another alcohol related death. Both Red and his older brother were thought to be terrible alcoholics, never drawing a sober breath for years, taking after their mother's alcoholic clan. His father was considered possibly the handsomest man in town, greatly in demand as a dancing partner at the local dances. But both brothers operated big machinery well, as did their father, one on the road crews, and one in the timber, a top skidder operator.
My father is the other outlaw bisexual in this play. I would say that his behavior toward my son indicated that he had crossed that line before, possibly being molested himself at a young age, and as an adult becoming the molester. This is how it went in that country. Predators are victimized young and in turn become predators themselves, a very common development in a culture largely kept secret. People do not want to know these things, so they oblige the predators and make it safer for them to victimize.


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Oh my, Red was one of a spite of living with outlaws! So was Dandy ..and still is.


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