Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cataract Surgery coming right up

In keeping with my current philosophy of documenting all important events in our lives on camera I am talking in the video below about the date I made yesterday to have cataract surgery on the 6th of January. Doc is all for me having it Monday, so he won't have to listen to me dread it. He watched me on camera and realized I would be a trooper as I have always been when it comes to having something done I have dreaded for years. I admit I have avoided the eye doctor for going on 3 years. The doctor was shocked at what I called seeing fine. I guess I thought everything would suddenly go dark when my cataracts were ripe for surgery, but Doc is worse than I am believe me.
I have not avoided the general doctor we have in common as he has. He does not do blood tests. He does not even try to follow our good doctor's advice to stay healthy, but he is afraid to go without his blood pressure pills, so he has them fax the doctor for prescriptions. But my nurse sister went on the family site and asked us if we had had our yearly eye exam. Yearly? I did not know it was a crime in old age to go longer without an eye exam. But I have found out from her it is.
Isn't it enough to have had a CT scan? By the way my doctor has not reported whether I will live or die from that 'renal mass'. I will have to call next week before my nurse daughter Ronda has a spell. But the CT scanner said that if anything really crazy was going on I would probably hear that day. I take it from his euphemism that meant terminal. But nobody called then.
And oh god, I just had a bout with some soft water the manager decided to gift us with in our complex. It was so soft it felt slick in the shower without even soap. Well, I think I was allergic to it as my stomach is very sensitive. I can't even drink diet coke two days in a row. I started having pain over everything I ate. I thought if I get swine flu I am a goner, and with the help of my sister passed on and meditation I figured out the possible cause, drinking our own water, okayed by the city. All you need to do is leave your container out two days to remove the chlorine taste. But that was before softening was added to it. I bought Arrowhead and now I am starting to feel better. You see my sister's ovarian cancer metastisized into her intestines, so she knows what the bad stuff is all about. She died of it. She knew I needed help. So death has been averted, the cataract surgery challenge will be met, and Happy Thanksgivng.


salemslot9 said...

are you two spending
Thanksgiving together?
I can feel the love...
gobble gobble, Doc

Gerry said...

Salemslot9: My family's places are off limit to Doc for the boy's bad behavior but daughter always fixed a big plate of turkey and fixings for the prisoner of his own folly. He does not behave badly to his 46 inch TV set, so there he will be, in front of it until I return home.

Amrita said...

Happy Thaksgiving.

You still don 't know the results of the CT scan. I would be so anxious to know. Call your doc and find out.

Connie said...

Happy Thansgiving.
I hope Doc is not spending it alone
Have a great time today..enjoy that good food!!!
I just made stuffing for the turkey and this year I put in apples and pecans.I heard on a news show the other day and it sounded sooo good.But I think the
apples made it too moist and I may have put too many in..around noon it will go into the oven as we are eating at 5:00 and I am doing all the cooking.But I did buy store bought pies as my crusts aren't good anymore :-(.....

ADB said...

Good luck with the surgery in January, Gerry. Have a good Thanksgiving :-)

Lori said...

I hope your surgery goes well Gerry!


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