Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dante's Thankgsgiving visit

Dante spent the night last night which is always an occasion. I fixed him delicious spaghetti with cheese in it instead of meatballs. I use the homemade pasta I find at Farmer's Market of which there is none better. I try to have all his favorite foods on hand for him in these days of spare income. Sounds like his mom is working cleaning houses and the kids' dad has been recruited to tend his little children since he cannot find work in the construction business. He was not tending for a while for smacking the kids. Angelina keeps good track of her kids and is not above a real sacrifice if she thinks it is best for the kids. He really should cooperate and do something to help out. Cleaning houses is hard work!
Well: his dad called and I had to get Dante up early to send him on his way. His mom will pick him up later at his dad's for Sunday services more than likely.
My neighbor next door is showing his Christmas decorated house at 5 pm complete with candles burning. He has 5 trees decorated in his living room so far. As soon as it is completely decorated he says, I can come over and photograph it for you all to see.
I am looking forward to December and shopping for Christmas, picking out books for everyone. I collect them all year long. I decided to buy some beautiful cards I saw with an Arizona motif. I will scan it for you. I won't be able to afford too many of them, but will send out at least a package of them. I love picking out a special card or two to send each year. Everything about Christmas is fun for me.
I found a couple of gifts to the Farmer's Market yesterday I want to get.
Doc and I have been making videos every day, some have been hilarious but not suitable for uploading. I am going to go down and edit more of Doc's play, "The Shetland Pony" as he is chomping at the bit. (another horsey expression of mine) And maybe I will be able to think of something to talk about to bring a laugh.
I am enjoying my son Raymond's blogging about theater. DB who writes Vagabond Journeys is back on line again. It is always good to have people blogging who never run out of things to say that are entertaining and insightful.
I recommend Postcards of My Life to you again. I am enjoying it so much, just photographs with a witty, moving, or insightful caption. Sherry is very good at that. These postcards have been a poignant way for her to express missing her daughter who passed not long ago.
Missy who writes What's Next has gotten her stomach reduction surgery and is recovering very well. That was a big relief to me as people who have had such surgeries in here have had mixed results. Some have had fabulous success while one met with complications she could not overcome. So now I hope we will be celebrating Missy's weight loss with her unti she gets to the shape she has in mind. I am always intrigued by her energetic approach to life.

I have been having fun putting photos up on Facebook, lately of my son Dan. I put his basketball photos up there, as his best basketball playing buddy is on Facebook, too, and this is another way of saying hello. He and Smitty (left) are pictured in the photo with baby Jamal after the game was over. I also put photos of Raymond up with the opening of his show in Austin. See my Facebook albums. Oh yes, and I was glad to see blogger Connie on Facebook. I am sure we will have fun on there.
I was just thinking how my daughter Ronda could get involved in theater through Raymond if he returns to Phoenix. She is such a performer. I can just see her playing a dancer, can't you? She could write her own play. I am going to have to suggest this to her. I know there are plenty of young playwrights Raymond has helped so much to write in high school that would love a playwrights co-op. If Raymond gets the idea of sharing the leadership then he would not feel so tired when he thinks about such a thing. It would just be everybody's burden. He said he would respond to my ideas today. I hope he does. I might do a video on it.
I read all the theater news in the papers. Thoughts and ideas about theater keep germinating.

P.S. I have just noted that my sister Ann has posted an entry called "Massacre" in her blog Kanyonland King in a book review about the Mountain Meadows Massacre committed by Mormons against an emigrant wagon train years ago, which crime has haunted the church ever since. Since a violent rape was committed in her family of a niece's daughter during the holidays with drinking involved, she is writing about violence, with affecting depth I might add. Sometimes we have to deal with violence to mar the holiday spirit very close. I think you will find this blog entry of troubling substance an insightful one.


Sugar said...

glad that dante got to visit, know you both enjoyed that.
your neighbors place sounds lovely.
have a good week.

Pamela said...

Hi Gerry! You sound good and happy in this entry. Haven't been by in awhile. I hope you enjoy the whole Holiday Season!

Anonymous said...

I think I can relate to the love of spaghetti with cheese. I'm glad you are spending time with family. You seem happiest when your grandchildren are around.

Don't worry about spending too much precious income on cards because the people who love you, love you without any anticipation of a card to prove your love or rememberance. ~Mary

Cathy said...

All sounds so upbeat with you, my friend - I'm experiencing that feeling by proxy lol thank you! I'm curious to see what sister Ann has to say and of course, your pix in FB. <3

A Middle Aged Mom said...

I'm glad Dante likes to visit with you. Enjoy it as long as you can.

Thanks for mentioning me in your entry. You're so sweet!

Amrita said...

Dante 's biceps are great. Nice of him to come over,

5 Christmas trees, your neighbour is very fond of them I suppose

Have Myelin? said...

I love the idea of filling up a house with Christmas trees. I used to do that. Sounds lovely!

Enjoy your grandchildren. =)

Lori said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your grandson!


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