Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner at Ronda and Chad's house

Ronda with her best helper Chad do the finishing touches. I know Ronda would weary very fast cooking Thanksgiving dinner every year if she did not have his help. He cleans up and washes dishes, too! I made the fruit salad, but otherwise not worth much.

Gary is keeping an eye on the game. He drove Dan and me out there in his work truck. No traffic like last year!

Ronda set her brother Dan to work. He keeps the patter going.

Jamal and his girlfriend (drat, I got her name and forgot it again) but she's a cutie. She goes to nursing college and he to business college at ASU. She takes all her classes downtown just down the street aways from our complex!

Here I am with Ethan. A great day was had by all.

We thought of you in Austin, Raymond, and hoped you found some turkey. Scott we found out from Dan motored to San Francisco to have Thanksgiving with his mom, Linda, and sister Carissa. Dan and Gary are trying to figure out how to put his pool table back together again which had to be taken apart in his move from the other house. Gary was talking about lucking out and getting a job in Lake Havasu coming up. He works in the office on the bidding, a job requiring considerable skill, especially now days with construction jobs scarce. Chad told us that next year he will be traveling to China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Europe, etc. on his new job as general manager of his company in Phoenix. All I can say is wow. Ronda is presently working at her nurse job, giving swine flu shots right now to elementary school children. Dan has the weekoff from his job at the Sheraton. I am so thankful everyone is working.
We arrived early, by 12 and left around 3 as I did not get much sleep last night and badly needed a nap! I like it when everyone seems to enjoy each other, and I was very happy that Gary joined us this year.


Paula said...

Gerry as I've probably said before you have a lovely family. I'm happy you had a nice day with them.

LaRena said...

I very much enjoyed seeing and hearing about your great Thanksgiving day. Aren't we the lucky grandmas to enjoy our kids and grandams for the holidays. How could we not be thankful? And yes work is a thing to be grateful for with so many unable to find a job. I know I surely am grateful for employment in my family.

Nelishia said...

I just love your family and all the pictures. I'm terrible with names too.I'm glad you had such a nice day with all of them. My husband Dirk is exactly like Chad when it comes to helping me too. I cook. He cleans and volunteers to do it and never complains. I think the dishwasher ran all day yesterday. said...

I visited family on the run, but enjoyed the day. It's fun to see all the pictures of everyone. Is Ronda planning to travel to Europe with Chad? It seems everyone in business goes to China. Amazing!
Linda and I tried to dig to China once. I think we got down about four feet, or maybe three. People are lucky to be employed.

Connie said...

Nice that you got to enjoy some family time.Wonderful photos.


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