Thursday, November 5, 2009

Texas bound: I am going to run this header a while until Raymond gets Bohemian Cowboy up in Austin, Texas

It is very exciting to have a son going to still another big city to perform his one man show, Bohemian Cowboy. A woman he met in Los Angeles knows how to set these shows up, and she believes in Bohemian Cowboy. By now Raymond expected to be blogging and telling you all about it himself, but his new computer is still on the way to him from China! He will have to get an address in Austin before it can be sent to him there. So he along with Baby has gone to rent a place to stay while he is there. Raymond has another angel in Utah who is backing him with a grant so he can go to Texas.
This is the first time Baby has been on the road with him, but I think Baby will make lots of friends for him as she has a winning personality. Pretty soon she will figure out she is a show dog and nothing will stop her from going to the top right along with Raymond. A cute dog is just like a cute baby.
Then of course we have got Doc in his new video trying to get to the top as a country western singer. This was all his idea. Nothing but do I had to come and be his manager. Doc is tireless in his endeavors. He would make a new video every day if I would cooperate. He wanted to sing karaoke all afternoon yesterday, but I balked. You can find his latest on my blog list in Rick n Doc Emde or on his Youtube Channel emdedoc or on my channel GerryKing40 in my favorites. When I am in a video with him I put it in my favorites. He called it "My karaoke manager hates me" all because I said his timing was off when he was too drunk. I don't like that cutesy stuff he does either he got from playing jazz, to tell the truth, because he can't quite pull it off. Too much drinkee.
We did not dare put any of the Halloween Party Video he filmed up on Youtube, but it was either a hoot or bad taste or he should be run out of town. He would concentrate on such features as their bad teeth or cleavage that said boo upside down. When I protested he said, "come on, it is Halloween. Nobody cares." He also pushed something and made us all look fatter. Grrrr. My butt looked twice the size it really is. Finally he antagonized so many people we ran him off, but he come back and filmed us singing karaoke. He made Daniel so mad trying to sing along with him, he told him if he had wanted someone to sing with him, he would have asked him, so sit down and shut up!
But I have decided just to try to accept Doc's drinking as I do people's smoking, over eating. It just is. Daniel quit drinking 11 years ago so he has little patience with it. He said next time we had a party we needed to ban anybody drunk. But he also wants to refuse to let people eat who won't stay for karaoke. I do remember when Pierre and others prepared a sumptuous feast for the residents to entice them to stay for his karaoke party that cost the tenants $500. They ate and all got up and went home! Except a handful who did enjoy singing. Pierre sang a lot of songs. I even sang a few, but it took the heart out of Pierre for giving karaoke parties. I hope he can find some good karaoke parties where he went in the great beyond.
I admit I always get excited when there is a karaoke party. I am hoping each time that my teacher will be able to help me carry the tune better, or at least find it once in a while. I have had a lot of guys trying to teach me to sing with varying degrees of lack of success. My first husband Dean wouldn't let me sing hardly a lick. My second Ron succeeded in teaching me to play pool but not to sing. Pierre and I sang for hours at home with his karaoke machine and I thought I was getting closer. But Doc said he wasn't always on either judging from the karaoke CDs I made him watch, so how could I be? What do I know?
I know Doc steeps himself in music all day long. He cannot understand why I don't do everything with music. I am not used to it. It distracts me. Raymond gave me Mozart years ago which he said he listened to when he writes. I looked at the recording a lot and felt guilty, but I admit I did not play it while alone. For some reason I cannot listen to music by myself. I have to have company just like I do when I drink coffee. Maybe that was because about the only time I heard music as a girl was when we went to a dance. At home we were so tired from bottling and all the stuff we had to do we just fell into bed at night, hoping for a few winks before we had to get up and start all over again.
I do intend to put the rest of my play reading up, "Red and Dandy: Outlaw Love Story." There is only one act left. Now the plays are all up there I wanted to get produced. They have been produced on Youtube!
I went on Facebook and went to look at all the theater luminaries in Phoenix up there. I ran into a photo of the theater critic who ran me into the ground, saying he did not like my first play, "Prince from Saturn." These critics can kill your career in Phoenix without a qualm. If they don't like your stuff, they can pan the play so a bigger theater company wont do it. I don't know why Phoenix theater critics did not want us local playwrights to succeed, but my theory is that they are rivals. And if you get a chance to kill off a rival, do it. What else is a poison pen for? This particular critic is retired now but we have his book to look forward to. I will probably be wiped out of his history, too, like I never existed. No, the only place I had left to get a play up before I died was Youtube.
Raymond said he might do his show in Phoenix someday, but he has to get credibility somewhere else. He could not get it here due to tepid response from the critics. In every city, you are dealing with a different set and you might hit it lucky, which Raymond did in Los Angeles. Those practically rave reviews he got in the Los Angeles Times for Bohemian Cowboy are theater gold.
May the sun shine on him in Austin, Texas! And I pray Baby remains safe. She is still a baby and likes to run away if she can.


Lisa said...

I go the biggest laugh out of Doc and his commentary (and making butts bigger) and the Halloween party. He is such a hoot!!! I am going to have to check out his You Tube page and hear him sing. Congrats to Raymond on his show being booked - sounds like that woman can get the job done. Baby is adorable and I too hope she is kept safe.

Connie said...

I agree-that's what a Par-Tay is for -having clean fun...Keep on keepin on ,Doc...
Baby is adorable...Our Sissy is a runner..she is sweet and loving as can be but given the chance she's off and running...
Kudos to Raymond-wish him lots of success.

LaRena said...

That is a priceless picture of Raymond and baby. Both look so happy. Raymond is probably not as nervous about Austin as he was L A. I can imagine how excited you are about him rising to more fame. I am exciting for all three of you Raymond, Baby and you. Sometimes you have to wait a long time for your dreams to come true, If not you, your son. What could be better?

salemslot9 said...

'cleavage that said boo upside down'
sorry, I had to laugh
what's Halloween without a few tricks?

Robyn said...

Hi Gerry! I stumbled onto your blog from Call for Support. I love your blog, and your videos you make! I wanted to let you know that you have an award waiting to be picked up on my blog! It's a pleasure to meet you!

A Middle Aged Mom said...

Have a good weekend!


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