Friday, November 6, 2009

Got that over with! Strangest Tenants Meeting!

I had my CT scan this morning which was not too bad. I did walk all over the earth trying to find the building. Everything well well. Next week will probably get the results.
Went to the Westward Ho tenants meeting last night. Nikita was supposed to be sworn in a the new chairman. We voted last Monday, but she was the only one running so was sure to get it.

Well, to my surprise, none of the new officers showed up until the last few minutes when Reggie and Bill came who were sworn in as parlimentarian and I believe treasurer. George, last year's treasurer, completed his report and we all went home after 30 minutes. I finally asked, "Where is Nikita?" Reggie said all he was told that she had to make an emergency trip to the hospital. The night of the party she seemed a little worn out as she had done bingo the night before. She said it has been a strenuous week. The flu is going around, too. I haven't been able to find out today what happened to her.
I just saw Daniel, my next door neighbor, and he said he had been sick with the flu since Halloween. I was playing pool with my next door neighbor Scott who was supposed to have been sworn in as the new vice chair and didn't show either. Scott said he had asked that his name be taken off the ballot so they will have to delegate the one with the next most votes to take his place. I told Scott that was the strangest WHo meeting I have ever attended.
I am glad to get my CT scan over with, and now I will have to schedule an eye exam. Always somepn'.
Doc was my alarm clock this morning, but I had two alarms set, too, just in case, and they both went off. At least I know they work well. He offered to go with me, but I said that wasn't necessary, and I was fine. Now I am full of barium and must stay near the bathroom.


madcobug said...

I pray that those tests turn out well. Helen

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings, hope all is well and your results are good news all the way around.

Have a grand weekend

Bill Pasdeaux said...

Best wishes to the new WHTOI crew! May they serve each other as well as they always have... and from the heart as always... this year should be a real progressive era full of events and grants and Quality of Life improvements. Gedt back in there Gerry... Doc for Vice Chair pro tem

Paula said...

glad you got that over and done. Pray everything will turn out well.

Nelishia said...

That crew over the tenant meeting is never a dull moment. I am so hoping your tests come out fine. Dirk's father's tests results yesterday did not. We're all sad, upset and worried as he's 78. Please take care of yourself and live alot longer and make us happy with your videos and your journal.


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