Friday, November 20, 2009

Shetland Pony Series (1 and 2) "My GF, Gerry, almost has a cow when I knock on her door on the 9th floor riding a Shetland Pony!" Doc

Women are always worried about breaking the rules. Instead of enjoying the little Shetland Pony I brung her to remind of the old days, my GF can't stop fretting and stewing about it in her apartment on the 9th floor and bugging me to get rid of it. Sheesh. What a wuss. I thought the whole thing was a hoot. There will be more to come in this series. We stretched this little story about a Shetland Pony to hell and gone.

Xmas card header by Connie


Paula said...

Yeah Gerry rules are made to be broken. I can see you riding a pony.

Connie said...

Like it said -I thought the whloe thing was a pony for Gerry she rides in on a big black muscled stallion...that b my girl!!!

Have Myelin? said...

I love the Christmas card! What a hoot! :-> said...

Great card at the beginning of "The Shetland Pony"...I must say the whole idea is hilarous even to getting it to the 9th floor of the Westward Ho. What a wild west story...which does remind my of my daughter bringing her horse into her bedroom to cool off in a heat spell in Phoenix through the side door. Gave me a shock to walk in on horse and daughter!

Sugar said...
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Sugar said...

had to delete previous comment, typo (as usual) sorry.
love the Christmas card!
story had me lol. :D
stopped in to tell you i got the 2 bks this pm. ty so much!

salemslot9 said...
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