Saturday, November 14, 2009

Early Xmas decorator at the Westward Ho

Linda's main tree and mirror on her south wall.

Her futon looking out into the street.

Linda asked me to come see her little apartment and it was fixed up so cute I asked to photograph it. I said I did not know you loved Christmas so much you are an early decorator. Linda is special to me because she has accepted with a lack of bitterness a permanent trach in her throat that did not have to be. A doctor told her when she was living here before that she had cancer of the thyroid and operated. It turned out she did not have cancer but Hashimoto's as I do, but shortly after she suffered respiratory failure and had to have a permanent trach put in her throat. She had been permanently damaged in the surgery.
Another reason I have special regard for her is because when Ellen of the Westward Ho spent nearly a year in the hospital after things went wrong for her with stomach reduction surgery Linda became her steadiest visitor and was with her when Ellen finally elected not to be kept alive any longer and went into hospice care. Linda said it was very hard toward the last.
Linda returned to live to the Westward Ho and has fixed up her one room apartment to look like a lovely Xmas card!

Here is the north wall of the apartment and a little tree.

A 'window' picture over her sink makes the room look larger. I have never seen such a cute one as this. Linda decorates mostly out of the thrift stores. She carried the colorful rugs home on the bus from Goodwill. She said she bought the larger one for $3!

P.S. I brought Linda up to my apt. and showed her the photos and what I had written about her on the Internet. I also read your comments to her. She was pleased and happy!


salemslot9 said...

window picture = great idea

Paula said...

Linda's apartment is sooo cute. I too love the window picture.

Connie said...

What a very pretty lace she has.
She sounds like a really nice lady..

Amrita said...

I really like Linda 's apt. and admire her spirit inspite of having physical problems she stood by Ellen and is living life to the fullest. said...

You are getting a Christmas early start - at least Linda is. You will be busy if you get all the decorations going up. That's fun.
The 'official' Christmas season is almost here..once we eat Turkey. Now, though, we have Christmas in July. I love the decorations..especially the tree.
It's lovely.

Herrad said...

Hi Gerry,
I enjoyed your post and pictures.

Nelishia said...

I enjoyed seeing Linda's decorating enthusiasm. Makes me think about getting all my decorations out. Inspiring. That picture window! I'm going to have to try to paint one of those. That was great. My son is one of the very few males in the world with Hoshimoto's and has had his thyroids removed but he is ok afterward. SO glad she kept a sweet attitude afterward. It will contribute to less physical troubles down the line.


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