Monday, November 30, 2009

While Raymond blogs, I film

(By the way how do you like the neat header Connie sent me, Raymond?) He wrote today in Austin about how his show "Bohemian Cowboy" went last night, his thoughts about his filmed series he started at Metro Arts called "Caffeine!", ( and his runaway dog (I know that dog is fast and I warned him before he left watch out she does not run away, so now he knows he has to leash her anywhere but the dog park after she ran away and was caught by two bloggers er I mean joggers. See his blog, Bohemian Cowboy). And in the meantime I was filming all morning talking about a playwrights co-op which I could not seem to get off the ground no matter how I tried. Now I know why. Raymond is focused on coming back to do another season of Caffeine! which means he will be filming instead of doing plays on stage. I can understand why. There has got to be more money in it. The stage for a lot of reasons still seems impossible. Not feasible. Filming is where ite has been at for me the last few years. He might possibly do "Bohemian Cowboy" on stage here sometime.

Just as long as I know what he is working on so I can get somewhere on the same page as he is. I know Dan is working on the Caffeine website because he was talking about it at Thanksgiving. He wrote and directed at least one of the episodes with Dante in it. Dante was Sidney. I have a photo of them at that time.

Raymond says he has 14 shows to go in Austin before he returns. Brave man. I do not know if he plans to come back here and film more Caffeine! or what. Stick around to find out.


Have Myelin? said...

Dante is cute. =) said...

I haven't checked out Caffiene for awhile. I didn't realize Raymond has so many shows in Austin Texas. He'd better hand out postcards, so he can have people to them all! That's a bunch. I do like the header.

A Middle Aged Mom said...

Connie did a great job on the header!

Have a good night!

Pamela said...

I remember his show Caffeine. It was good! Hope he is doing well. And I hope you have a good day! BTW...did I miss something? You haven't mentioned Doc. Is he ok?

Amrita said...

Really like Connie 's header and the photo of Father and Son.

I have photos and videos of an Indian wedding on my blog

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