Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Doc wearing shirt in honor of veterans: "Red brings drunk kid to dance with Brownie" Act III-2

When I went to Doc's this morning he was wearing this shirt in honor of veterans. I thought that was nice.
I edited another scene of Act III of "Red and Dandy: Outlaw Love Story," my play. It is quite a funny one where Red brings a very drunk kid from his hometown to dance with Brownie. Brownie is getting tired of the boyfriends Red brings to party with her and is ready to go back home to her hard working husband. Her son is with her, but kids aren't too much in evidence in plays. In case you are wondering.
There is always a price for hanging out with outlaws as Dandy finds out when her dad finds his cut garden hose.


Connie said...

Ya'll are just sexy thangs!!!

salemslot9 said...


A Middle Aged Mom said...

Doc is such a hoot! said...

That was a drunken brawl...and quite funny. Those local outlaws were something else!

Have Myelin? said...

LOL!!! This is funny!

Amrita said...

Doc looks real cool in that shirt.

Anonymous said...

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