Saturday, October 31, 2009

One last Halloween party with photos

She likes to call herself the Westward 'Ho.

Doc running his video camera as well as providing entertainment! He sang "Hello, Darlin'" Conway Twitty style and pleased the ladies.

Nikita was in charge and worked hard, especially since she managed a bingo party the day before. She likes to sing "Grandpa" by the Judds. She's running for Chairman of the tenants' organization and should win.

This guy always looks like this. I call him Wild Hair.

Roger and lovely wife.

Lady in Mad Cow beret, ran the karaoke machine. Her singing? Well, so so.

Betty and Ali scared us silly along with that fellow behind them! There's always a terrible wounded soldier in the crowd.

Here is Lois as in Superman. Boo in the cleavage.

Tallest Susie.

Mr Piggy here, nice guy, he did not sing.

Daniel, my neighbor as Dick Tracy. He is about 6'4' and wore size 12 heels. He is a good karaoke entertainer.

Folks, this is all the photos I could post tonight. I got more, but this is a good representation. Let me tell you, Doc was the hit singer. I was proud of him. I will tell you that man can sing. We had a big screen for the karaoke lyrics. It was perfect.


madcobug said...

Everyone looked really cute. Looks like a nice crowd. Glad that everyone had a great time. Helen said...

Well, I enjoyed seeing all those spooks, etc. at the Westward Ho. I'm glad to hear that Doc was too. It looks like a great time was had by all!

Lisa said...

Looks like a wild time and there were some great costumes! Did you get video of Doc singing? I cracked up at the Wild Hair...I would NOT have thought that was his real hair. LOL.
Glad you had fun!

Connie said...

Wild hair looks like the guy in the group Alabama.
OOOh hope you taped Doc singing..wanna hear that.

The 'Westward Ho'---gotta love it!!!

Paula said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Someone there goes all out for Halloween. Thats great to keep you kids off the street. lol

Nelishia said...

The Pictures are great. It sounds like it was a really fun time. Westward ho comment cracked me up.She's proud of that? I say her shame is her glory.


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