Friday, October 30, 2009

You are not going to believe this!

I walked over to the Circle K this morning west across the street and guess who I saw entering the store? Jack!! Yes, I went inside and spoke to him, most happily I might say, and he was clean, sober and in his right mind. He was limping some and walking with a cane. I gathered he had been in rehab as he said he was now renting a room at the Y down the street. He said it was different. And something to the effect that life was a challenge. We did not talk further. I am sure just walking to the Circle K where he was bound to see residents from the Westward Ho was enough. His smile was still dazzling.
Of course when I told Doc he let fly a few negative remarks, and I told him for God's sakes, be happy the man has fought his way back to sobriety. Course Doc has not done that yet, so that was probably why he could not be positive, but he soon dropped that attitude and recovered his civility.
I also got very cheered up day before yesterday by a visit to my son Gary's house who was also sober and not smoking. I was so pleased with his newly purchased house with many pictures Gary has painted on the walls. His collection of cranes were placed here and there. It looked like the house of an artist. In the other house, which became the scene of divorce, his pictures on the walls just looked lonely. Scott, his cousin had moved in, and my son Dan's bed was on the porch. As soon as he recovers from swine flu he plans to move in, too, just to get better acquainted with this brother 21 years older who was married and out of the home when he was born. And Gary since his heart attack a few months ago seems to be letting the family into his life a little more. We discussed our blood pressure meds which Gary is now taking faithfully along with plavix which he must take to keep the 2 stents clear leading to his heart.
After a tour of the house Gary took me to my favorite restaurant Thai Elephant which he likes, too before dropping me off home. He lives quite far to the east south of Camelback Mountain which is quite close. Dan's girlfriend where he is staying now just lives down the street, another reason he wants to live at Gary's for a while. Gary said that he almost got laid off but the company got another job. He did have to take a pay cut. Construction companies have been hard put to get work in the recession which has been deep in Arizona.
Dan called me yesterday. He sounded pretty rugged still but thought he was a tiny bit better. He says the cough is the worst. It started with a bad headache, achy limbs, and nausea.
I am expecting to hear from Raymond today who is coming through on his way to Austin Texas. He is stopping to stay with my daughter, Ronda, along with his dog Baby as she has a nice friendly little dog, too, Bailey. Ethan, my grandson, will probably have fun with the dogs. He is having fun getting his costume ready for Halloween. His mom took photos of him on crazy hair day. I believe he would win the prize. Raymond said he would call to meet for coffee this weekend.
Talking to family is a cheerer-upper.
I am a little concerned about this karaoke party coming up. Will just have to see how it goes!


Amrita said...

I am glad you met Jack and he is sobering up

Connie said...


madcobug said...

I am glad that Jack is doing better now. I did send up prayers for him and for you also on your health situation. Helen

vooman's voice said...

Wow! Glad to hear that Jack has survived all of his own excesses. It reminds me of how Daddy drank, like there was no tomorrow. I wish him luck. I like that YMCA that is where I went to swim.


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