Friday, October 23, 2009

Free spirit Brownie reecites her poem about her stay in the crazy house (Act II-3) Brownie is based on my famous sister, Linda King

I am posting another video of my play reading of Red and Dandy in which my famous sister Linda as the Brownie character reads some of the first poems she wrote, proving she had talent before she met her muse, Charles Bukowski. Linda is famous among Bukowski fans due to her 5 dramatic years with the poet. She wrote many poems then, inspired by him, who got up and wrote at least one poem a day. He was a real working poet. She has not been inspired to do that much lately, and I was never inspired to do it hardly at all, so I gave up the idea of calling myself a poet and went back to writing dialogue which I in turn wrote every day. I even wrote my novels in dialogue then laboriously translated the dialogue into prose. Prose did not come natural to me either. But dialogue did, pages and pages of it. I wrote all my journals in dialogue! Dialogue has always fascinated me just as the poem form fascinated Bukowski. I am a natural born playwright, which my son Raymond is also, having written 30 plays.
Linda is more apt to sculpture than she is to write I think. She was kind of torn between the two, or maybe she was more inspired to walk on her hands which she was always doing when she was young. Raymond was a hand walker, too. I wonder what that says about their origins? We called Linda a little monkey when she was small because she would climb up in the door jamb just to talk. She also climbed all the buldings in sight when just a toddler. We would be out begging her to come down for fear she would fall. She has fallen more in her old age than she did in all her childhood years I am sure she was so agile, but I tell her that is all the icecream she comforted herself after a divorce which put on the pounds. She got too overwight to walk on her hands. But anyway this is my Linda play as well as my outlaw Red play. She came from California to visit the Utah outlaws, mainly to have a good time, party a little and dance as her first husband would not take her out dancing. Oh that's right, Linda was always the dancer of the family, she could dance for hours without faltering. I got chronic fatigue early and gave out dancing after a couple of hours. I never could dance fast after that. Enjoy!


Connie said...

I always enjoy watching you and the Doc acting out one of your scripts.
Luv ya both-'muchly' ;-) said...

I thought you read that poem well.
It worked and reminded me of how Linda read it. Very good poem, Linda! I enjoyed this scene with Henry and Brownie.

Bill Pasdeaux said...

Edit this stuff Gerry! I tried to listen but you guys drop the ball and mumble and then find your place again... just cut that stuff out.. it's easy to do! I'm not demanding sophisticated technique here... but jeepers zeitgeist!... a little snip here and a little snoop there and unless you are Harpo and Chico, you shouldn't snip a snoop too much!

Bill Pasdeaux said...

then I went back and listened to the rest.... good poem reading Gerry! That's the ticket! Were you imitating Sis' delivery? Coool!

Gerry said...

Bill Pasadeaux, that was Doc dropping the ball with a little bit too much drinkee. So how do you fix that? I do not have an editing machine that will take out little snippets here and there. Why do you think I complain about Doc's reading technique so much, but this will probably be the last script we read for quite a long time. So therefore it is not worth the time effort and equipment to fix. Gerry


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