Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dante in his G.I. haircut for ROTC and Zombieland, one of the most decadent movies I have seen in recent times

Thought you would like to see this new photo of Dante. Doesn't a haircut change the look of a teen? But the movie we went to see "Zombieland" was my idea of decadent times. Hundreds of zombies were killed by Woody Harrelson, the zombie killer. I was hardly able to enjoy this movie and tried not to worry about what the world is coming to when such a movie can be made and actually shown in our movie theaters as though it were not decadent at all It is hopefully not making money. I have to ask, don't Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray have anything better to do with their time and what was little Abigail Breslin's mother thinking of? My son
Dan said it was just an excuse to kill people, only you call them zombies and then it is okay? Okay???
I am going to forget this movie as soon as I can. Dan and Dante went over to hang out with Scott for a while.


Sugar said...

he looks very handsome. looks ready for rotc.
have a good evening & lovely tomorrow.

Paula said...

Love the Halloween header. Dante always looks cute but this one is really cute. Know you are so proud of him.

Amrita said...

Dante looks older with that haircut.

That sounds like a violent - evil movies. I don 't watch movies too.

salemslot9 said...

I like "Night Of The Living Dead"1968
black and white
low budget
favorite line:They're coming to get you, Barbara!

Anonymous said...

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