Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What does Jack have to say after his disappearance?

I will try to pick up Jack wherever he is and have a conversation with him:
JACK: I will do my best to reply. I feel I owe everyone an apology in the complex for how much I upset people in my last months there.
GERRY: Thank you, Jack. But where are you now?
JACK: In a better place, but don't try to come here, Gerry, before your time. Take good care of yourself and try to live as long as you can. I know you got notice from your doctor today to have a cat scan but don't be scared of that. Just get it checked out. How I wish I had heeded this advice. You are a good communicator. Have no doubts about that. I tried to be but fell short for reasons that have to do with the distant past I was not able to change enough. My pattern of horrific drinking was one thing I wish I could have changed.
GERRY: I am worried about Doc. He is getting more fragile. He is not communicating with anyone except me.
JACK: I know, and I am sure that has to do with his distant past, too. He is doing better than you think though, because he takes an interest in doing these videos and that is communication of a sort. I have been watching them. I know I was too snotty about your stuff to watch many of your videos there. Thank you for the poem you wrote about me. It made me feel that I was missed.
GERRY: How do you like my sister LaRae.
JACK: She has been very kind to me when I have seen her. I hang out in the Westward Ho still. I have a lot of friends here who have passed
GERRY: I hated to think you had died. I hoped somebody took you home and sobered you up and you are still alive somewhere.
JACK: If they did I would still be in touch with you, Gerry, via the Internet. I have decided to utilize my knowledge of the Internet a lot better now just to stay on the up and up and be doing things. I had a hell of a drug habit to break of painkillers. So I must do everything I can to distance myself from substance abuse no matter where I am.
GERRY: That's true. Things couldn't have gotten much worse for you. You were at death's door for weeks.
JACK: I know. There are rehabs wherever you go. I am in a rehab now to stay sober and straight. This time I will not turn away from any opportunity to talk to people and know them better. I knew that love of people was the key to my spiritual growth, but I made a feeble effort to do it too many times.
GERRY: What shall I tell Mercedes who was in a bad wreck the week she was supposed to bring your stuff back? She got a head injury. I hate to talk to her because she was so upset about you.
JACK: Please try to convey to her my thanks for trying to help me. I apologize for anything I said about her the last time I ever spoke to you. I was just trying to blow smoke in people's eyes because I was waiting around to see if I could catch my drug supplier.
GERRY: I know you were out of your mind. She is too fragile right now to hear anything negative. I will never tell her that. You need to send her healing thoughts because she has always loved you.
JACK: I have been a spoiled man. I would try to get people to love me and then I was not properly grateful and thankful when they did love me. You on the other hand shared your concerns about me with Mercedes. You could have been too jealous to do that since you loved me, too.
GERRY: I always thought you belonged to the world, Jack. You have the potential to be a great healer.
JACK: Heal thyself is the healer's first motto. I did not try hard enough to do that.
GERRY: Mercedes is trying to become a healer. She was telling me how much energy it took from her when people were too negative.
JACK: Negativity sucks up energy. I was negative so many months, I feel sick when I look back on my last troubled days there. I hope I will never sink that low again in my spiritual development. I have received a great blessing here, Gerry. I have been forgiven for my sins. I have been blessed by angels.
GERRY: I am sure you have, Jack.
JACK: I was lifted up by angels and healed.
GERRY: That moves me so much, Jack, I must stop. Thank you for telling me this. Good-night.

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Connie said...

I hope with all that's in me that this is how it is for Jack,if he has passed.Wish you could get word from those in this life that know the where's and whens.....


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