Sunday, October 11, 2009

9 years of marriage without penetration causes Dandy to take up with a kind outlaw Act I-4

Today is Doc's birthday, so in his honor I have posted his portrayal of a 28 year old outlaw. He always tries to get me to post his acting as soon as possible. He added his own special touches to this video which I think you might recognize. In spite of Doc's intractable ways, he is a funny talented guy. We are both too old and decrepit and unable to take the discipline and the stress of live theater. So we have to do what we can.
We have kind of slipped back into seeing each other again since Jack is gone. I could not do anything much to help save him. I got over being mad at Doc. I had a touchy stomach this morning so could not go out to eat as he wanted to do for his birthday. He felt kind of sorry for himself, but ever since I had that painful stomach virus my digestive system is easily irritated. I ate too much tabouli yesterday! Raw greens and lemon juice dressing! I told Doc not to blame me for being a little depressed. He has made himself a prisoner of his drinking. It must get boring at times.
Jack is gone because of his drinking, and last night Dale, the outlaw who inspired this play, was haunting me. He has been dead 10 years because of his drinking. He died still in the prime of his life at 60, working and drinking. I can't help it if he would not stop when he was told he had an aneurysm. He drank anyway. The dead are just in a different world. I don't talk to them long because I am not there yet. Even if the living are barely putting along. Like Doc. Drinking aint good for you!


salemslot9 said...

nice 'the old wild west' photo, Doc
I left you a comment at your place

Connie said...

Awww man I am sorry I didn't see this post yesterday to wish ole Doc a HB now it will be belated. Is 60 really the prime of life ?Here I am about tu turn 60 and thought it was near the close of life...well hey..I'l just keep on being 17 in my mind...LOL.Glad you and Doc made it back to each other..I know he is frustrating at times but sittin on this side of the fence it is sooo obvious you two 'click'...((GRIN))
Love ya!!
~C~ said...

No wonder Dale is haunting you..bringing up his 'spirit' so strong! You and Doc are having a good time with this play.

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