Thursday, October 29, 2009

The ghosts are active in the Westward Ho tonight!

This is an old photograph of the Westward Ho of long ago, and never have I felt that a place was more active with ghosts than here, because so many older and disabled people have lived and died here in the last 30 years. Before that, people would seldom die here since it was a big hotel and people only came to stay a few nights. I spent the afternoon visiting with an old lady who is going blind so she cannot read or watch TV. I went to take her some clothes since she had said that she no longer had any clothes that fit her she had gained so much weight the last few years. It is true she stayed about the same size for a long time. I used to see her out under the trees but did not get acquainted with her. She was from Austria originally and for a long time german and Austrian born people kept to themselves after World War II because the german people under Hitler had come to seem like such enemies. Doc being of pure german blood many ancestors back has shown me the delightful side of this race. Trudy and I spent quite a while talking about Doc and his advanced stage of alcoholism. He barely seems there. A disembodied voice, his body barely registering life. But there is still a spirit within that wrecked body that is quite active.
We also spent a long time talking about Jack, as she has been here a long time, so she knew him quite well.
When I got home, I was startled to have Jack say in my ear that he had gone with me and listened to the conversation about him. I had told Trudy that Jack was a serial flirt and he was taking exception to this. I said, but you were Jack, you talked to women all the time as though you did not know they would fall in love with you, and then your attentions would create all these dramas of jealousy and competition.
Jack was always angry at me over my relationship with Doc. He said he had also gone with me down to Doc's and noticed that even though I said that there was no physical contact between us, I took a nap on his couch and put my foot close enough to touch his leg. I said, well, I soon got up and left. I was just stretching out some. I said Doc can feel only the slightest bit of stimulation from a contact like a foot. If it bothers him at all he just fixes himself another drink!
Then Jack said, the dead are not dead, they are all around, but the living do not want to work hard enough to be able to see and talk to them. The reason of course why Jack can talk to me so easily now is because for the 6 years I knew him in here I carried on most of my conversations with him telepathically. When we would meet we would say a word or two and then we would sometimes spend hours talking telepathically, this was simply to avoid all the nasty comments we would have elicited had we been seen actually talking to one another from women, mostly, who at some point or another had fallen in love with Jack.
I found this a very aggravating reason to have to talk telepathically. I would at times point out to him how he had caused this woman or that one to fall so much in love with him. He complained that this one old lady who had been a beauty in her day it was obvious had started calling him every day and insisting he talk to her an hour I believe he said, and then she would cook for him and invite him over for dinner, and he said she was very mean so of course he would go. She was 20 years older than he was, and so frail there was no chance of a physical relationship but she acted as though she was in love with him and he was her BF. I pointed this out to him and said I did not like to receive the evil eye from her everytime she saw me talking to him. He would get mad if I said she was his GF. But she was very aggressive. I have always believed that women should wait for men to make the first move, but not this old lady. One day he complained to me that he had not called her for 3 days and she was furious. He did not know how he had gotten into this dilemma, but from my observation of him, he just did not know how to stop a very aggressive woman from calling him constantly until he was so tangled up with her that they might as well have been going steady. And she was only one among many.
But Jack did not like it one bit when I got tangled up with Doc who would call me 7 times a day if I did not come for coffee. Drunk or not, he was extremely aggressive if he became interested in somebody. Since he was 6 years younger than I was and looked good, it was extremely hard for me to figure out how to hold him at bay for Jack who could not hold even one old lady at bay.
So that is how we somehow got into a telepathic relationship that would be invisible to the naked eye. It did not have to be acknowledged or denied. It could just be whatever it could be.
I quite enjoyed experimenting around with it. I would hold big long telepathic conversations in the evening with Jack and then I would try to have a very brief conversation with him in person somewhere covering the same ground. This was how Jack seemed to 'sense' much faster than anyone else what I was thinking.
I did tell Doc about these telepathic converations with Jack. At first he was quite incensed and would ask me in the morning if Jack had 'come through the wall' as he referred to it. I would say yes but I would tell him that since he chose to drink and Jack was sober and greatly in demand by the women it was not possible for us to have a so called 'normal' relationship. Doc loved to pretend to be a normal guy which is not nearly as demanding as being one. He could still drink all he wanted and put on a good act of being my BF which infuriated Jack. I said I can't help it if Doc lies, but there is no use me giving him up because you still have all these relationships with women. You are not a free man. In fact, he remained tangled up with the old lady until she died. She stopped giving me the evil eye after she saw me with Doc. She was happy.
So Jack had the problem of too many women loving him. He seemed confused and confounded at times by his own charisma, which I thought was mostly composed of good looks and build, a beautiful smile, a kind personality, and good sexual vibes. An irresistible combination in an older man when so many have shot down some aspect of their physical appeal as Doc has and can no longer really interact with women.
I never anticpated that Jack would return to live in the Westward Ho as a spirit after he was gone, but he is very capable of it, since he became so practiced at telepathic communication and out of body flight. Because he was a pilot flying around in the spirit seemed to greatly appeal to him.
I used to have flying dreams all the time so it did not take me long to learn to enjoy flying around with him in the spirit.
Of course he could not do any of these things when he was drunk. He could barely walk. But now he seems to have sobered up and kicked any painkiller habit he may have had and is back in flying form again. I am not sure he is even dead because he could do this from somewhere else he was so good at out of body flying.
There are many strange things that go on. Spirits among us unseen. It is the season for them. So we may as well relax and have a good time with them. I find them to be very entertaining once I got the hang of picking up what they say. That is the kind of medium I am.


Connie said...

Good to know that Jack keeps in touch with you.Now,if he would just pick up a phone to let you know he is still alive...would be nice.

LaRena said...

I just listened to your vidio about the kidney mass. I know just how you felt when you saw the words. with my heart surgery I thought it was just a little set back. Then I saw on a report "congestive heart failure." That got my attention. There is a reason why Doctors are vague and act like there is no reason for a patient to have their reports. I insist on every one, as I want to know what is what. Fay,on the other hand was very vague about herself. She said"Oh I have some heart thing and will have to go see the cardiologist in Salt Lake. Rolain wants to just keep doing what she is doing and not rock the boat. I got quite a kick out of Doc's response. It is rather comical how different we all react when old age is with us.


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