Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Talking to my enlightened neighbor about gay outlaws

I was talking to my neighbor out in the patio along with others, and he announced that he decided to let everyone know he was gay when he moved in here. It is so refreshing to have a gay guy not afraid to assert himself, but I felt some discombobulated, still, it is so rare to get that kind of frankness from men closer to my age. We talked about outlaws and he said he couldn't have agreed more that the old western outlaws ran in gangs and had side kicks and a lot of them were very likely gay. Gees, still prejudice out there when not even the outlaws can be shown as gay in our movie fare, a thousand killings but not guys turning on to each other. That's not a nice outlaw tale. He also said he thought some guys were born gay, he had met them but most he thought were molested into the lifestyle including him! What does that say about the public's ability to discern molesting crimes among children or teens by predators! I have long thought my dad and others like him were pulled into the culture at a very young age. He also said older relatives like uncles could be responsible, too. He thanked god his dad was not involved in his corruption as her dad was involved in his ex wife's molesting. But instead of movies of depth on such subjects we get atrocities like "Zombieland" consisting of nothing but killing people dressed to look like zombies (okay now) by shooting, stabbing, bludgeoning, etc, by young girls, underage teens, , Woody Harrelson, all zombie killers! Hooray! Something obscene about what does get into the movies now days without protest.

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