Friday, October 16, 2009

Time for spooks is here!

I thought it would be a good time to talk about my latest preoccupation with meditation developing into doing some therapy for the dead or dying. My sister LaRae paid me a startling visit the other night. I was sitting ready to go into my meditation in the evening when I felt her presence in the room as strong as I have ever felt it since she passed. Later she said that meditation had cleared out my mind and given me more energy to pick up the presence of the spirits. She said that she came to engage me in doing some of the work she has been doing for years (she has been gone 20 years to the other side). She helps people when they pass over to get used to the idea of being gone. She has even told me in a dream that she took one young woman who was burned to death in a fire along with her little child to live with her a while. The young woman was still in her thirties so her death was a great shock to her. We had known her family all our lives. My sister stayed with me all night working to show how this could be done by using telepathic powers to interact with these people.
So last night I felt my sister had gone back to Utah for an important conference that was taking place up there under the jurisdiction of her daughter. So I was left to my own devices. I started going over every person I knew who had gone from here, and eventually I came to a woman who had passed over a year ago after a lot of terrible suffering in a hospital for months with an infection that could not be cleared up. So I found myself with her helper who said that she still had not recovered and had to have what she thught was heavy medication to get through her days. I told the helper I had not been able to bring myself to go see her in the hospital as this was a rule I usually kept regarding residents here. If they were too sick to be here I would wait until they returned. But I had had a history of clashing with this woman that kept me from talking to her for fear she would begin to talk very negatively again. I thought she was going to die and was upset about how it all came about through an operation to reduce weight.
I feel that this was a harbinger of a meeting I had at the elevator today with another woman still here who apparently has the same horrible infection E had. Tammy said she almost lost her legs due to this infection and she still has it in her intestines. She can barely walk. A scooter has been ordered. This is one of the bravest little women I have ever met who seems to take the worst news stoically and without resentment. I think due to my talk to E's helper on the other side I was able to be very tender with Tammy, trying to comfort her for the six days of hospitalization she had just endured. I saw her break down it must have been just before she went in the hospital when she was sobbing at the elevator, but now she is so courageously resigned, not only to losing the use of her legs but I thought to whatever lies ahead which will surely be a shortened life. She isn't very old either. She has long golden brown hair and a face made even more beautiful by her response to her trials. I could almost see the soon to be angel in her eyes. She has been transforming into this hauntingly beautiful being as some people do when tried with terrible illnesses.
It will probably not be long until she joins the legions of ghosts who have lived in the Westward Ho.
I can hardly wait to see what work I will be doing tonight. I asked if I could not visit some theater people so I could talk about theater there as opposed to the problem of getting original plays done here. I have just been reading a book called the Noel Coward Letters, so tonight he is going to be one of the people I asked to talk to over there to see if he has any ideas about how to get thngs going here in theaters besides Youtube. He will surely understand the obstacles. He is a famous playwright just as Bukowski was a famous poetry and novel writer which were really memoirs thinly disguised as fiction.
I am going to have fun with the spooks! Hee Hee Hee! Scarey huh?

Thanks, Connie, for this fantastic header showing me at my spookiest.


Connie said...

awww sweet lady-you're more than welcome...I love making you ahppy... Good luck with Sir Noel Coward....

Connie said...

HAPPY the word was supposed to be HAPPY..I hate my silly typos....


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