Monday, October 19, 2009

Thoughts of the evening

I love this bright fall header, courtesy of Connie. My two sisters, nieces and kids, and others have been to a Writer's Workshop in Boulder, my hometown over the weekend. My son Raymond was one of the featured writers. Another, Dave Lee, they said read poetry for an hour and a half, his and others, and a woman who has done a writer's workshop for the festival was also featured. So far my sisters, Ann and Margie, have reported on it, as well as niece Cheryl who was the organizer and they said served some wonderful lunches and bake oven dinners with the help of her husband Steve. Boulder this time of year is incredibly beautiful thus this header.
Raymond's birthday is coming up the 30th of this month, so I sent him a card and package. If he doesn't need it he can give it to his dog Baby! Sorry, I can't give away the surprise.
By now you may have read the criticism below of my plays, but I think I recognize my troll, a woman who hates me, and is always changing her screen name so she can criticize me. She says the content of my plays are boring, but she never explains why, she just puts them down. But she could be the kind of person who would keep my plays from ever being done. I would not call this person an "Artist's Friend."
Actually it takes a lot of effort to memorize a script and do a play on a stage, so you really need the support of a theater company which is hard to get. I may never get that experience again, but I will keep trying.
In the meantime I had a lot of fun this afternoon out under the trees in the patio. I found out my neighbor Daniel loves karaoke parties and to dance, so he and I and Nikita, another activities oriented person in here, planned future karoake parties as I have practically a brand new machine! I got so inspired I decided to go to a karoake store next month to get a Christmas karaoke CD I want. You have to run the machine with a TV so you can see the words on the screen. I have tons of karaoke CDs I bought when Pierre and I were singing. So many have tried to teach me to sing, but in vain, but I still have a good time. Doc may have to stay home, well, because he can't be nice, but that won't stop the rest of us. I have warned him I am not sitting at home with him anymore and being aggravated by his isolation! Not good for people!
I did get a kick out of that video which he named "Living and breathing playwrights can be a pain." I have always maintained one of the reason theater companies don't want to do a play with a playwright around because the playwright can be hard to handle. My critic Artist's Friend does not have much of a sense of humor. She does not get the subtleties of either my plays or my relationship with Doc. He has made fun of me as the therapist to the dead and all kinds of stuff, but that is what I like about him is his sense of humor, which is often quite deft and not mean like this person.
I know my plays might be hard to listen to and watch at times, but this play is based on my relationship with my Dad in his last two years of life and my sister Linda when she was just starting to write poetry. She had cracked up and was making fun of her nervous breakdown in a poem. Linda at that time was slim, sexy, and gorgeous, and she loved to dance. She had a long animal print dress with a slit up the side and she was a sight to see doing the blackbottom shimmy as fast as anybody I ever saw do it in her tiger dress. It was no wonder Dale, Red, the outlaw, was so taken with her he was ready to make her a star. So you have to kind of use your imagination to picture the scene.

I thought Doc gets these characters about as well as anyone, but he is not capable of memorizing a script or cannot be depended upon enough to put in a play.
We do what we can. I am quite decrepit, too, and would probably get major fatigue symptoms if I attempted to do much in theater with the accompanying stress.
I put these plays out there for theater producers. Ha. I also helped Doc do a blog so some of his best paintings and drawings could be featured through his own blog. Did you read on the Internet where this ex-marine had looked for his Vietmanese girlfriend and child for years and finally after 38 years the son found him on Facebook! So maybe Doc's kids might might him someday. He has only seen them once since they were tiny, but his ex said neither were his! How cruel can you get? No DNA in those days.
Nikita out in the patio told me she had lost over 100 pounds drinking 2 gals of water a day along with her meals. So I am here to drink water, water. I am going to tell sister Linda about this, as she is prone not to drink enough either. I am starting to get over Jack finally and his meltdown to go live in the street. I hope he is still alive and can get rescued, but if he is dead, God rest.
Since it is Halloween month I must tell you this story. Doc and I watched the last episode of Dexter, but I got up and went to packng my stuff after Dexter killed somebody and did not watch the end. Doc insisted I come back and watch it. It scared me to death. Well, I won't spoil it for you guys who might not have seen it, but the trinity serial killer struck again! I told Doc I am getting scared you and I will be killed for watching this thing!


Connie said...

Funny-Doc may have to stay home cause he can't be nice...soooo reminds me of dad..he poked fun at people.
One time we were in an elevator and he starts singing..Hanes makes you feel good all under...another time we were walking downtown and he stops dead in his tracks I look at him to see what was wrong and he blurts out-"Damn,aren't people funny looking!!" oh geez I fell back a few steps behind him...LOL
Yes,Ole Doc sure puts me in mind of my dad(R.I.P.-dad).. for your troll--'GET A LIFE DUDE-or DUDESS'..I swear people like that are only them no mind because they have none,LOL....

Amrita said...

nice header. Have fun at the party

Barb said...

My Dad was like that. You couldn't take him anywhere. He was almost deaf,so he spoke very loudly! He was a biggot & it's a wonder it never got him shot or beat the hell out of. Alcohol-the great uninhibiter.
My son goes to Karoke all the time. He even sings & plays guitar live at open mic nights. He's good. I need to put up a video. In fact, I think he has some on You tube, I will have to find them.
Have a lot of fun. Singing is good for the soul.
Hugs, Barb


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