Sunday, October 4, 2009

Red and Dandy: Outlaw Love Story (Act 1-1)

I was talking to a friend from Utah last night reminiscing about old times and today I was inspired to go down to Doc's and read my play "Red and Dandy: Outlaw Love Story" written in the late 1960's. Doc plays all the male parts and me the female. We stick to the script. This is one of the last long plays I wrote before I started writing novels again. I also wrote a novel about Red. I had to rewrite that thing 5 times before I thought I got it right. I think it is funny. Red was a character. Red (Dale) used to write me letters all the time. He wrote me letters for years. I sent him the novel. He died when he was only 61 of an alcohol related death, but he was still working when an aneurysm took him in a few minutes.
Doc burned a copy for my girlfriend. I am sending it to her tomorrow. I thought I would introduce her to Doc this way since I doubt he ever makes it to Utah.


salemslot9 said...

nice to see you both
performing together

Connie said...

Loved Docs car sounds,LOL..
glad you are doing another play together-ya'll missed your calling you know!!

Anonymous said...


LaRena said...

Doc does quite the imitation of your characters. Sounds like fun to do. You look almost as young as when you were cavorting around with the wild Red in the wilds of Sand River.


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